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1 Oct 2017 |  At home with

To celebrate the launch of our second collaboration candle with the lovely Mr Jason Grant, we thought we would make our way to Bondi Beach for a little brunch followed by a peek inside his incredibly colourful apartment. His home tells a lot of stories and the love he has for styling and interiors is just bursting everywhere you look. His style is incredibly effortless and we couldn’t help but feel totally relaxed in his eclectic beachside abode.


What are some of the things you cannot live without in your home?

Our home is our space… we decorate it together. It’s lived in and loved. It’s a work in progress, always in motion. I love to test some items from my own collection, MJG (www.mjgstore.com) at home as well. We also love the quadrant soft modular (seating) sofa (from Koskela) in the living room and we love to fill the apartment with plants, we are not precious and yes Sophia (our boston terrier) is allowed on the furniture (she has great taste in textiles!)

What inspires you on a day to day basis?

I’m always inspired by nature and travel. Living in Bondi and travelling often my head is always filled with new ideas, currently i’m working on the winter MJG collection and my third book with Hardie Grant.

Tell us what this new candle means to you…

The new candle is inspired by the magical time of day just as the sun is setting and the beautiful golden light sparkles before for one last moment, the scent has a more winter feeling with woody and citrus notes.

Best styling advice?

Don’t be afraid to find your own style and confidence – buy and decorate with things you love and connect to and it’s important to take time there is no rush.

Favourite place to travel to?

I love to travel, it’s hard to choose but equally India and California (everyone knows I love LA and San Fran)

One place you’d love to visit?

ITALY! I have never been but I do drive a Fiat! I have always been intrigued by the culture and of course love the food,a trip through out would be nice… Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast are high on the list!!

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