At home with Jaynie Johnson


It's cool to be kind...and Jaynie Johnson (one half of Blacklist) is just that.

18 Apr 2018 |  At home with

This month, on an incredibly perfect autumn Sydney day we headed south to the turquoise waters of Cronulla and caught up with Jaynie Johnson in her effortlessly chic beachside pad.

Your perfect day?
Hanging with the family…a slow morning, then heading to the beach with friends and their little (& not-so-little) ones. A nice lunch, sweet treats for afternoon tea and then everyone back to our house for a dinner and a swim.

What inspires you?
Nature, poetry and fashion are my biggest inspirations. And my husband. I actually don’t know how he does all he does and is always so calm and kind.

Things you cannot live without at home?
My dyson. Hand sanitizer. Linen linen. Obviously candles for living areas and fragrance diffusers for the bathrooms, always.

Favourite fragrance?
Patchouli and Woods is my new favourite PBC scent, hands down.

How do you balance work and family life?
I don’t haha. It’s one big jumble that we figure out each new day. We are lucky to work together though, so we both have quite flexible lifestyles which makes doing what we do a little easier with three young children.