At home with Mr Jason Grant

You now call Byron Bay home. Tell us about your move

I love living here in Byron. I visited for a long time but have finally made it home. I love the creative community here and I am always inspired by nature so I love being close to where the bush meets the beach.

Tell us about your home

It’s not your typical home… it’s part studio part home. A warehouse where I can live work/play. It’s my creative space and hideaway.

What projects are you working on?

Always busy on projects for clients and my own ( I have a few new things up my sleeve for 2020) and i’ve just completed a new restaurant in Burleigh        (Light Years number 3) so am looking forward to a few more of those projects whilst always extending my own creative skills too.

Favourite fragrance?

Vetiver, rose, gardenia and anything citrusy.

Must do’s for visitors to Byron?

Head to my local favourite Light years for modern asian food and killer cocktails.

Stay at the Atlantic – the best place to stay and you can borrow one of their bikes to get around.

Shop…great things for the home at Nikau, Tigmi, The Beach People, Pampa, Fossil Vintage, Pop and Scott, Habitat Collective, The society in, Hope and May and the Book Room Collective

Visit Jai Vasicek’s gallery

Visit Byron Bay Peanut butter store

Have a smoothie at Combi

Visit McTavish surfboards (they have great coffee)

Sunset cocktails at Raes at Wategos

Drive to Brunswick for a swim in the river (at high tide) and dinner at Fleet (book ahead)

Drive to Newrybar for lunch at Harvest and some shopping

Drive to Federal and eat at Doma (awesome Japanese and well worth the drive)

Walk the lighthouse sunrise or sunset.

Beauticate x Palm Beach Collection

We were so thrilled to be included in Beauticate’s edit of the 12 Best 2019 Beauty Advent Calendars.

“The emerald green and candy pink packaging may not be traditional, but we’d expect nothing less from this stylish yet relaxed Aussie brand, that has really delivered this year on producing a lovely gift at an excellent price point. The book-style box has twelve doors each hiding an adorable 50g candle in a combination of pink or green frosted glass, and the entire Palm Beach fragrance collection is represented, as well as the two new 2019 Christmas scents. And miniature though these candles may be, the quality is there – even without any of the doors opened, let alone candles lit, the throw of the treats inside is powerful enough to start scenting the room. Anyone a little uncoordinated is going to have some difficulty removing each candle from their protective foam pouch hidden behind each door, but it’s worth being able to wrestle them out in the end (and good to know your gift will arrive with all that glass intact). The last door opens to reveal a Balsam & Fir candle – just the thing to light on Christmas Eve.”

Check it all out at here.


At home with Mr and Mrs White

Things you can’t live without at home?

A comfy lounge, good music playing, fresh and healthy food, relaxing scents and coffee!

Favourite fragrance?

Growing up I would love that fresh linen smell after my Mum washed the sheets. I love how PBC have captured that fragrance in their ‘linen’ fragrance…makes the house feel fresh and clean even when it’s not!)

Favourite local places to eat, shop and play?

Our favourite place to eat is actually right next door to our house ‘Graze and Cakes’, they make the best fresh Vietnamese and also offer amazing pastries and coffee. For shopping, we love local brands such as Natalie Marie Jewellery, Featherdrum and Assembly Label. The beach is our favourite place to play. Whale Beach and Palm Beach are our favourites.

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

We are inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design but also by life. Looking at our home, and the day to day and what we want/need in there. Looking at an empty space is inspiring to us because it represents the possibility of creating something and that is what we love to do- create! Lifestyle has a major influence on our designs. Our desire to live life simply and minimally has contributed to us creating furniture that fits within that lifestyle.

What’s next for Mr and Mrs White?

We are very excited about a new lounge we have designed and will be releasing early 202o.



At home with Marisa Young

Describe your style?
Floaty Bohemia and pretty florals. I have a real love for anything embroidered. Give me a cotton embroidered blouse and a high waisted denim jean any day. And an earring, I love a statement earring.

What can you not live without?
I’m a real homebody, I feel it’s the whole thing I couldn’t live without. I get homesick every time when I’m away. For not one thing in particular, just for the safe feeling of “home.” I know my life would continue if I did not have these things but geez I’d miss my, my speakers, my floor steamer and my beloved coffee machine. Actually, my coffee machine. I could not live without my coffee machine!!!

Favourite local spots?
I’d have to say Alma in Avalon for a rosé or ice cold margarita and Mexican! Nights there are always fun! Best coffee I’m going to say Rukus in Newport and the world’s most amazing Vegan curry or Smoothie bowls are at Highbrations Organics-which is this divine little hole in the wall of goodness, directly across the road from our Newport Boutique!

Favourite Scent?
White Rose and Jasmine….. it’s absolute heaven!

What inspired the creation of Splice Boutique?
Splice Fashion and Living, (half fashion and half homewares) was my after school and weekend job growing wasn’t until I was 19 that I was given the most incredible opportunity to take over the business, thanks to my two very selfless and hard working parents. With my dad running accounts, my sister Gabby became my business partner and together, with a love for all things beautiful, we began creating a store that housed many of our favourite designers. We wanted to create a store where woman could find beautiful and different pieces, that you couldn’t find over this side of the bridge, and this began the creation of Splice Boutique.

What do you look for when buying for the store?
Pieces that we each want to wear ourselves, every day. Pieces that are missing from our wardrobes and collections that we know we will have hanging in our wardrobes for seasons to come, that keep their timeless “special” even after a trend has passed.We found, of late, there was a real lack of beautifully made essentials, for women our age. We wanted billowing blouses to wear back with denim or floating dresses in basic colour ways- so we created our own collection for éss The Label ( pronounced S ( S for Splice !) which is due to launch this November!

Favourite place to travel?
If I can throw back to pre husband and pre children, traveling to the Greek Islands with three of your best friends is something I will never forget!! Fast forward to life now and I’m going to have to say beautiful Indonesia! So many life changing and life shaping events have occurred for me when i have been travelling in Indonesia. I met my husband Ben when we were 22 on holidays with mutual friends in Bali. And years later we were engaged in Lombok. In more difficult times, I was travelling in Bali when I received the news my dad had passed away, so I have always felt a closeness to him whenever we are there. I’ve travelled there with my brothers and sisters and my mum. And made memories with my little family when we were a small family of three, then four and most recently a family of five. It’s a place that holds so manly special memories for me.


At home with Amy McInerney

Tell us about your move to New Zealand. What is the one thing that surprised you most about living in New Zealand?
I was surprised about how much it put life into perspective for us and the lessons it has taught us. Initially, I was not keen to leave Australia. I’d always thought New Zealand was a stunningly beautiful place. I’d even joked about moving here a few times. But I loved my life, I loved living in Australia and I had worked hard worked towards a life plan that did not involve moving to a house up the street – let alone to another country.  Since moving to New Zealand, I’ve learnt not to be so attached to my plans because changing them can bring unexpected and wonderful things. Life is calmer and we enjoy more of the everyday stuff together. I’ve had new career opportunities. Our boys are growing up in a smaller, safer environment. They have more freedom and living here is instilling a real sense of community in our whole family and I really love that about our new life. Perhaps most of all, I was surprised about how the New Zealand community is so welcoming. The people we’ve met and the friends we’ve made are what has made our move to New Zealand one that we won’t ever regret.
You have recently bought and renovated. What advice would you give to anyone about to embark on a renovation?
If you’re renovating to make a family home, always keep in mind that it’s exactly that – your family’s home. We are flooded with renovation inspiration on social media and it can become overwhelming. There are so many ideas to fall in love with and it is so easy to get so ‘deep’ into a renovation that you lose all perspective of what you’re trying to create. I wanted my family home to be a reflection of my family and I wanted it to feel like home. My advice is to have a clear vision of what feels like home to your family – and stick to it. And keep reminding yourself that your family is what makes your house feel like home, more than anything else. So, particularly when stress levels peak, be kind to each other and take some time out to have fun together.
I’d also suggest that people spend time thinking about what they love about their house, as it is. For me, above all else, we loved the view out over the hills and to the ocean. Having that sense of space, so close to the beach, is very special to us and something we never dreamed of being able to enjoy. So, we made sure the view was the real hero of our renovation and were happy to invest in lots of large windows to make the most of it, even though it meant we had to hold off on finishing some parts of the renovation. It’s something we haven’t regretted because waking up to the sun rising over the ocean and seeing the colours change, over the seasons, has made getting out of bed during the cold New Zealand mornings a lot easier.
What’s your favourite fragrance?
My favourite is definitely the Sea Salt fragrance; it reminds me of Australia.
Describe your style?
I’ve always loved to wear things like cut off levis with floaty cotton blouses and jumpsuits but all that’s had to change since living in NZ. These days, you’d more often see me in a pair of blue jeans a cosy knit. I do, however, get very excited when the weather warms up and I can throw on a dress and brave the cold ocean water for a swim.

At home (and work) with Martina Blanchard

Tell us about Slow Store? Where did the concept come from?

I was looking for a creative outlet combined with a more conscious and slower way of life. Originally, I was seeking to open an interior store that resonated with my passion for Danish design and minimal interior styling. Sunny on the other hand has a vast experience in the apparel industry and is driven by ethical & sustainable garment production. We have combined our ideals & experiences with the slow ethos and started to work on how to translate this into a conscious business model. It actually all stemmed from the change that we have started at ourselves, changing our own state of mind about life then made us think about growing it into a brand that can encompass SLOW…to share our passion and establish a brand that echoes the luxury of simplicity, quality, permanency and health across the fashion, design and beauty fields.

Things you cannot live without at home?

My sharing size teapot and my favorite tea cups by Taika – I love whimsical designs on cups (I also have a pantry full of loose leaf tea options, always trying new blends etc… it’s a very comforting ritual, especially during Southland winter time! The local tea makers STIR teas have beautiful blends and you can pick them up at the local Remarkable market) Plants – I have lots of them at home  –  green living interior is so good for your health and mind .

Favorite fragrance?

For the body:

Cacti by Regime des Fleurs Aromatic Aquatic fragrance  (amber, mate, heliotrope, black tea, shiso, aloe vera, jasmine sambac, cucumber, watery notes and bergamot) yum…(Here comes my plant obsession again!)

For the home: 

All time favourite Clove & Sandalwood by Palm Beach Collection

Must do’s in Queenstown for visitors?

This would be hard to narrow down, as there is so much to do! Personally I love hiking, skiing and biking – plenty of opportunities for these activities down here, beautiful trails/ mountains you would be spoiled for choice. Additionally, I love an alfresco dining so the Akarua Kitchen by Artesian and or Amisfield Winery are my favourite, neighbouring Wet Jacket wines and White Stone Cheese Co. would be nice choices for food/wine experience also. Oh and  the all time parents’ favourite the Lake house on the beach in central Queenstown, we spend some nice afternoons there with my family as the playground/restaurant/beach combo proves to be very convenient for all involved!

Describe your style?

I like warm minimal styling, no clutter yet have enough personable items in my home so it resonates with who we are as a family –  many of my furnishing/home ware choices are informed by the brands that we carry at SLOW as I have been buying Danish brands since our first house build many years ago –  functional, simple and timeless in their essence.


At home with Gemma Muir

Tell us about your home and your plans for the build?
My partner (who is also an architect) and I noticed an opportunity a few years back to relocate and up-cycle an old statehouse. We had it moved onto an (unusually) flat section. Unusual for Muriwai anyway! A slightly unconventional way of creating a home for us and our two kids. And, in doing the majority of the work ourselves, agonising at times. But nevertheless a hugely satisfying… and thoughtful process at that. It’s nice to give something another go at life! After a few years, another couple of kids and numerous extension proposals drawn up – we settled on the idea of once again (after swearing never to again) relocate another house, alongside the first. The idea was to, again, renovate the interior and to open the two houses up to one another via a glazed ‘link’. So we have essentially got two gable forms – one sliding past another – joined by a section of flat roof. Simple but… considered (we hope). It will definitely be an ongoing project for years to come.

You’re an architect and a Mum to 4, how do you find balance?
Not easily to be honest! Because I’m heading into the studio some days but also doing a lot of work from home – I find it’s not always easy to just simply take my Mum hat off and put my working hat on. I seem to end up wearing both hats at once for the majority of most days! I’m still working on how best to separate work and family time. But one thing which has made a big difference for me, and I’m lucky that my colleagues also condone it, is not having my work emails on my phone. That way, I’m able to switch off more easily when I’m with the kids and it feels like I’m only working when I decide to head back to my desk or the drawing board.

Things you cannot live without?

Best advice for anyone about to embark on a build or renovation?
Bit boring – but know how much you want to and can spend. And make sure you truly understand what you can get for that. Also, know what makes you happy. And steer clear of fads!

Favourite fragrance?
A good friend introduced me to the Palm Beach Collection candles a few years ago and I loved the Lily’s and leather and clove and sandalwood scents, and I have had one (or more!) in our home ever since!


At home with Kristy Von Minden

Tell us about your business Mind Bright. How did it begin? 

We work with individuals and organisations to reduce stress and enhance health and happiness, using science-based mindfulness strategies. I retrained as a Mindfulness Teacher and launched Mind Bright two years ago after a 15-year-career in the media and PR industry which saw me eventually burn out mentally and physically. I started learning about the brain and realised how little we actually get taught about it, at school and in life, yet it impacts absolutely everything about the human experience from our mood, to the quality of our cognition and creativity, right down to our physical health.  So I now spend my days running events and workshops, getting people to know their brains a little better, which for me,  is the most rewarding and exciting way to earn a living!

You live in Muriwai on Auckland’s west coast. What do you love about living there?

We moved there from the North Shore to be closer to nature and also to try and find more of a community to bring our family up in as we don’t have any family in Auckland. We have not been disappointed. We spend our weekends in the ocean, at the beach, bushwalking or at the park and we had made lifelong friends within the first few weeks of moving. Everyone says hi and has a conversation when you are out and about and helps each other out whenever they can. It feels like stepping back in time.  I also love how down to earth everyone is. People care about things that really matter. People, animals, the community and environment. Not stuff. We are living in a tiny 70 square metre bach for the next few years while we slowly design and carry out our renovation, and aside from the fact that we don’t have much space (my husband and I are sharing a teeny tiny wardrobe!) we are so happy out here we could easily live in this small house forever. It’s helped us realise we don’t need that much to be happy.

Three things you cannot live without at home?

Without doubt, our outdoor bath, up in the bush overlooking the ocean. My husband built it for us when we first moved in, which makes it even more special. I fill it with Epsom salts and lavender from the garden and either watch the sunset or star gaze in the dark. Utter relaxation after a long day. I also love our Coast bean bags and swinging chair on the deck, perfect for relaxing with a wine and watching the ever-changing ocean and sunsets.


Favourite fragrance?

My go-to perfume is Narcisco Rodriguez, I adore the combination of musky, woody and floral notes.  I also love the scent of fresh roses on the table or walking past a vine of jasmine, so the Palm Beach White Rose and Jasmine scented candle is a favourite of mine too.  


Must do’s for visitors to Auckland? 

Auckland is such a large city that’s the perfect mix of nature and urban. As for nature, I’d recommend coming out to Muriwai, just 35 minutes from the city, to  walk the beautiful Goldie’s Bush Walk (bring your togs for a swim in the river!), a picnic at sunset on Muriwai beach, a surf at Maori Bay or a visit to the world famous gannet colony. Pop into The Hunting Lodge Winery on your way back to the city for a beautiful glass of local wine and woodfired pizza in the garden. For your city fix, try  Britomart, which houses designer boutiques, eateries, bars, and health & beauty offerings in some of Auckland’s oldest, recently refurbished heritage buildings. 

At home with Eden Hessell

Favourite scent?
It was tuberose but now it’s patchouli and woods from Palm Beach Collection
Favourite plant?
Medinilla Magnifica… my life would be complete if I had one. I especially love my Grandmother’s Kalanchoe. I also love peperomia watermelon plants and philodendron melanochrysum… sorry I’ll stop there!
What are your secrets to keeping indoor plants healthy?
Lots of light, a really good soaking of water and drainage
5 things you can’t live without?
My family, friends, food, wine and sleep
Favourite autumn flowers?
Amaranthus, anemone and blushing bride

At home with Claudine Gasnier

What can’t you live without at home?
I would have to say my washing machine… I’m constantly doing loads of washing with our three kids and cannot imagine what i’d do with out it. Life would be a lot harder.

Your favourite room in the house?
Our Bedroom. It’s definitely my fave as it’s my sanctuary. We don’t get to spend a lot of time in it so whenever I get a chance I sneak up there and potter around to get 5 minutes to myself.

Favourite fragrance?
The Palm Beach Collection sea salt diffuser aroma… it’s beautiful. I get to smell the sea all day, everyday.

Any styling tips?
You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Grab some greenery from your garden and move some of your candles or pictures around to different places… it freshens up the place like you wouldn’t believe.

The perfect weekend?
Breakfast around the bar at home followed by a trip to the beach for a surf with the kids. Home for lunch, back to the beach for another surf session and then BBQ with friends. Repeat again on Sunday. Cant beat it !!

International Women’s Day

As well as providing accommodation, food, clothing and medical care NBW services include access to counselling, supporting life skills and providing education with a view to enabling future employment. With this support 90% of residents transition back into the community successfully and sustainably.

The shelter accommodates up to ten women at any one time, plus an additional three women in transition, undertaking the back-to-community accommodation program.

The shelter staff consists of one full-time senior Shelter Manager, supported by a business & communications manager, and a roster of full-time and part-time trained support workers who provide on-site assistance 24/7. As a not-for-profit, charitable organisation, the shelter relies heavily on the time, talent and heart of its wonderful volunteers and community networks.

You can tell who the strong Women are. They are the ones that boost each other up not tear each other down. xxx


The Calile Hotel

The Calile Hotel, designed by local Brisbane architects Richards and Spence, offers a unique urban oasis in the heart of the James Street precinct in Fortitude Valley. The 175 room hotel is drenched in style with its marble surfaces, custom made oak furniture and brass accents. The hotel’s restaurant Hellenika, which is open for lunch and dinner daily, serves authentic Greek fare in a sophisticated poolside setting. The pool terrace, overlooking the 30m pool surrounded by lush palms and chic cabanas, is the heart and soul of the hotel. The Lobby Bar is the ideal location for an espresso in the morning, an espresso martini at night and everything in-between. There is also a carefully curated selection of boutiques on the ground floor so you really don’t need to leave the premises at all. Unless of course if you want to explore the surrounding neighbourhood, which is on the rise. Go Brisbane go.


Of beauty rich and rare

Aboriginal Mother and child. 1950. Photo by Threelions/Getty Images.

Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth photographed in 2017 for Vogue Australia by Will Davidson.

Feather, in her mid 70’s, was photographed by Natalie Grono in Byron Bay’s Little Wategos Beach where she swims daily.

Nicole Kidman, photographed by Annie Leibovitz in 2003.

David Gulpilil arrives at the 4th Aacta Awards ceremony at The Star Casino. He won BeSt Lead Actor for his role in Charlie’s Country.

Artist John Olsen at home in his studio in 2016.

Cathy Freeman aged 21, photographed by Bill McAuley in 1994.

Musicians Angus and Julia Stone photographed by Jarno Kraayvanger.

Bondi sunrise. Aquabumps.

Fashion designers, Nicky and Simone Zimmermann.

Director Baz Luhrmann, photographed by Aldo Rossi in 2013.

The Australian Ballet.

Surfer Stephanie Gilmore.

Dawn Fraser, photographed in 1963 by David Moore.

Pop Star, Kylie Minogue.

A young Steve Irwin in a picture from a book by Irwin’s best man and mate, Tony Frisby.

Jeffrey Rush.

Indigenous Festival Photography by Wayne Quilliam.








Barrenjoey House

Barrenjoey House is a heritage listed restaurant, bar and guest house with a history spanning almost 100 years. Located in Palm Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Barrenjoey House joined The Boathouse Group in July 2018. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, offering a relaxed, coastal inspired experience that the local icon is known for. Accommodation will soon be offered, with seven small guest house style rooms located above the restaurant… which means living like a local and enjoying an early morning dip at nearby Snappermans Beach or Sandy Point.


Hope and May

What inspired the story of Hope & May?
Melinda (our Mum) was the inspiration and driving force behind Hope & May in the early stages whilst living abroad in Asia.
What do you look for when choosing pieces for the store?
When buying and designing for the stores, we are drawn to neutral tones, natural fibres and timeless pieces for yourself and the home.
Favourite scent?
We love Coconut & Lime.
Favourite place to visit?
We are clearly fans of tropical destinations, so far our favourite place we have visited is the Maldives.
What is next for Hope & May?
We are looking at expanding our in house brand, Poppy & Co and also continuing to develop our range of exclusive Hope & May pieces.

The Parker, Palm Springs

The Parker Hotel is like no other. The San Jacinto Mountains enclose this boutique hotel that was first opened in 1959 as California’s very first Holiday Inn. In 2002 the property was sold to hotelier Jack Parker who enlisted designer Jonathan Adler to lead a $27-million-dollar renovation of the property, and in 2004 the hotel reopened as the Parker we see today.
On arrival you are lead up an impressive driveway, bursting with brightly coloured flowers, and arrive at a white wall of concrete lattice work, the famous main entrance centred around those fabulous tangerine coloured double doors. Stepping through those doors you are enriched with midcentury modernist design through the hotel’s art, lighting, decor and flamboyant carpets throughout. An outdoor fire-pit, three inviting pools, an incredibly chic day spa, tennis, pétanque, croquet, chess, bicycles, restaurant, cafe, bar… this place is the stuff of dreams.
There really is no need to ever leave this desert oasis, only when it comes time to check out. Good luck with that.



The Borrowed Nursery

What’s your favourite thing about the change of season? What do you most love to see coming into the store now that we are in spring?
It’s great to see some of our favourite plants come back in stock. As plants go dormant in Winter, its hard to get a hold of a lot of our favourites and the stock we get is often a little less developed. We’re always happy to start of the growing seasons spring and summer.  This spring we’ve seen one of our all time favourites ‘the chain of hearts’ back and with some really good length which is great!

What advice would you give for people wanting to introduce more greenery into their home?
Take note of the natural lighting in the space of your home that your wanting to add a green touch. It’s also good to make sure you’re aware of the watering requirements of each plant. It’s all about finding balance between meeting the aesthetic requirements you want to achieve but also the practicality for the ongoing care. For those either new to the plant game or for those that haven’t had much luck in the past, start with a zanzibar gem, these will thrive on neglect tolerant to low light and only requiring water once a month.

Favourite fragrance?
It’s hard to go past the smell of coconut, its the right balance of sweet and fresh and reminds me of a tropical holiday.

How did the store begin? What inspired your journey?
The business began as an idea after helping out some friends with the decoration of their wedding. We were decorating tables with plants and cactus in assorted tins and pots we were collecting at markets and garage sales. It got me thinking about how there was a bit of a gap in the plant hire market and there was an opportunity to offer a bespoke service in this industry. From there the plant hire service of the business started and expanded to retail as well. Moving on from our first space to our current location in Mermaid Beach we had the additional space to offer venue hire to our offering, with our space being hire for photoshoots, workshops, weddings and more.

Things you can’t live without at home?
I try to bring home a fresh bunch of flowers home once a week. It brings some colour and fragrance to the house.


Joshua Tree

Tell us about your connection to the Joshua Tree National Park
We discovered the National Park during a trip we took for my birthday 6 years ago. We immediately fell in love with the serene landscape and stillness and knew that we wanted to have a desert escape from our busy lives in Los Angeles. We ended up finding the dome through an ad on a popular classifieds website and jumped on the opportunity to purchase it.

Describe your style…
I think our style has evolved a lot of the past 6 years. When we decorated our dome we were trying to use a lot of vintage and found objects so I would describe its style as “eclectic desert bohemian”. However, we’ve recently been leaning towards a more neutral colour palette with subtle modern bohemian accents.

Where do you find inspiration?
We get a lot of our inspiration from traveling, blogs/websites, and architectural home tours.

What does home mean to you?
Home is where we find our solace. It’s a place for inspiration and a place to be inspired. Home is a never-ending, evolving project. Home is our happy place.

A must do for any traveller visiting California?
We might be biased but definitely don’t skip visiting the desert especially if you are from a country or area that doesn’t have a desert. Also, the northern coast of California is stunning- blue lagoon style water on one side of The Pacific Coast Highway and lush forest filled with redwoods on the other.

The Surfrider Malibu

Surfers travel from all over the world to catch a wave at the legendary point break of Surfrider Beach… and there is no better place to catch the action than at the newly refurbished Surfrider Hotel. Built in 1953, the iconic motel has been reimagined as a chic surf lodge with 20 airy, light-filled rooms, every one of which has a balcony with a view of the sea. “We wanted to capture the essence of Malibu and California beach culture,” says co-owner Matthew Goodwin, who grew up surfing this stretch of coastline. That means outdoor showers and storage for surfboards and SUPs and a vintage Land Rover to drive guests to other iconic surf spots. Evenings can be spent on the rooftop around the fire pit dining on locally sourced food, or in the library planning the next stop on your California road trip.

At home with Macayla Chapman


Tell us a little about Bird & Knoll, how did it start? What inspired it?

Bird & Knoll is the genesis of a love of travel, fashion and beautiful soft natural textiles. My business partner Nat, an ex banker turned professional photographer approached me with the idea and the pitch line “your the only person I could dream of doing this with”.
Bird & Knoll was born in 2014 creating luxury scarves using the softest premium cashmere, silks and cottons as a canvas to showcase our personal artistic narratives, captured via our camera lens, from our travels around the world. Each limited edition collection exhibits a kaleidoscope of colour and local flavour, which plays to a universal desire for adventure and wanderlust. In 2016, we segued into resort wear, the ultimate complement to the brand’s existing accessory range and travel-with-style ethos. These are pieces that we desired to wear when travelling and day to day… timeless kaftans, elegantly relaxed dresses and chic beach cover ups that are versatile and effortless. Inspired by our travels each piece is playfully named after some ‘memoir’ from the journey. Feminine, relaxed and always effortlessly elegant .

The business is based out of Sydney, and you are based in Auckland. How does that work for you?

As a whole it works really well, we feel it is actually more of an advantage (glass half full and all) as we both look after our respective markets and cover more area this way, however not so good when it comes to Friday night work drinks… clinking champagne glasses over skype just isn’t quite the same.

What are some of the things you cannot live without at home?

Our pets Chico, Lola and Broccoli. We always comment when we are away how weird it is not having them around. There is never a time that someone isn’t sitting on the couch without an animal on them. My daughter and Chico often play ‘cats’ together and he seems to talk to her in a series of meows like he’s answering her questions … as for Broccoli, look at that face … pretty hard not to love that !

Any Auckland must dos for travellers?

A day trip to Waiheke Island to explore the golden sand beaches and vineyards, weekend camping at Tawhranui beach stopping off at the farmers markets in Matakana on the way for food supplies, ferry over to and walk up Rangitoto Island… the view is spectacular, surf trip to one of the stunning west coast beaches like Piha or Bethells, head up the sky tower for a 360 degree view of Auckland – night time is just as cool as during the day and lastly visit the Kaipra coast sculptural gardens.

Favourite fragrance?

I love a variety of fragrances, I associate different smells with travel and childhood memories … coconut & frangipani reminds me of Fiji, eucalyptus reminds me of Australia and Peru strangely, there were so many eucalyptus trees there, tobacco, my favourite Coqui Coqui fragrance, reminds me of Mexico and I think my favourite of all fig reminds me of home.


A Mother’s love

Lauren Bacall, 1954

Elle Macpherson, 2010

Princess Diana, 1986

Romy Schneider, 1969

Kendal Lee Schuler

Rachel Hunter, 1994

Cindy Crawford, 1999

Donatella Versace, 1990

Jerry Hall, 1985

Linda Mcartney, 1970

Angelina Jolie, 2014

Cindy Crawford, 1990

Jackie Kennedy

Kate Moss

Goldie Hawn (and Kate Hudson)

At home with Jaynie Johnson

Your perfect day?
Hanging with the family…a slow morning, then heading to the beach with friends and their little (& not-so-little) ones. A nice lunch, sweet treats for afternoon tea and then everyone back to our house for a dinner and a swim.

What inspires you?
Nature, poetry and fashion are my biggest inspirations. And my husband. I actually don’t know how he does all he does and is always so calm and kind.

Things you cannot live without at home?
My dyson. Hand sanitizer. Linen linen. Obviously candles for living areas and fragrance diffusers for the bathrooms, always.

Favourite fragrance?
Patchouli and Woods is my new favourite PBC scent, hands down.

How do you balance work and family life?
I don’t haha. It’s one big jumble that we figure out each new day. We are lucky to work together though, so we both have quite flexible lifestyles which makes doing what we do a little easier with three young children.

Summer entertaining

What better way to celebrate being in the midst of summer than gathering some friends together and dining under the summer sky? Grab a few rugs, a couple of wooden pellets and get everyone to bring along some fresh and seasonal food for sharing and grazing. Throw a little ice in the back of the truck, or a big oversized bucket to keep the bubbles chilled and volia. We love the idea of fuss free, bohemian inspired styling…fresh wild flowers and our candles make any table setting look that little bit more magic.

Happy summer xxx

At home with Georgie Watts

Tell us the story about your house
For as long as I’ve known him, Mez has wanted to convert a warehouse…this one was an online furniture warehouse and a lolly factory in previous incarnations. It was a hideous aqua both inside and out! Awful! I like the minimal, masculine vibe. And the use of recycled timber adds to that. I love that we can open it up, and blur the lines between the outdoor and indoor areas… and though small, I love our veggie patch. We’ve grown beans for the first time this year, and the kids are really revelling in watching the growth process, from flower to baby veg, to the final edible object!

Describe your style
I’m pretty low key…my uniform is jeans and stripe tees! I’m always on the hunt for the next pair of perfect jeans. And I love the simplicity of a sharp white man style shirt.

Favourite fragrance
I love spicy, masculine scents…Clove & Sandalwood, Nag Champa, my signature perfume is Tom Ford Plum Japonais…a mens fragrance, but I love it.

Your perfect day
Some form of exercise to start, a swim in the sea…cooking and eating with Mez, glass of wine in hand…it’s all about simple pleasures really!

Tell us a little about your travel blog ‘The Window Seat‘? How did it start?
A couple of years ago we drove from Sydney to WA across the Nullarbor, and I was disappointed by the lack of resources for families travelling cross country. I thought I could document the trip to show friends and family, and perhaps help out other families along the way. We do lots of domestic travel, lots of road trips, and I love the thrill of discovering new places. I think it’s so important to see as much of our own country as we can; it’s so vast and varied, and a country with so much natural beauty.

Your favourite place to visit and where to next?
We love the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, it’s definitely our fave Australian destination. The beaches are incredible, and child friendly, there are excellent restaurants, cafes, and wineries, and you’re a short drive to the Adelaide CBD.
Next on our itinerary is a road trip up the East Coast, from Sydney to Noosa. I’ve never been to Noosa before, and I’m super excited to explore the National Parks.