August 10, 2020

At Home With Lisa Anderson

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This month we cross the Tasman and speak with Lisa Anderson, founder of, a NZ made skincare product at her home on Auckland's North Shore.

Tell us about - was born out of needing a simplistic yet highly effective skin system. Over the years it became clear to me that many women were throwing their money away on products that didn't work - including me. I set out to develop products that truly delivered results and as a woman in her mid 40s I want to look after my skin now more than ever. I think the key messages about the brand are transparency and efficacy 

What can’t you live without at home?
I would say my coffee machine! I probably drink too much but love an espresso ( or 3)  in the morning. If it's what's in the house that matters that would be my 2 children and darling husband.

Favourite fragrance?
I love the Palm Beach white rose and jasmine. It instantly lifts me up, calms me and makes my home smell like spring all year round.

First place you’d love to travel to once borders open?
I love the States, especially the west coast. I love the energy of the people and the climate. As is growing momentum in California I'd like to spend more time working with potential retailers and spas over there. If the States remain off limits I'd love to take the kids to Bali. So many things to do there with the kids and I love the restaurants and food scene. 

Describe your interior style?
I love mid century design. My style can be quite eclectic. Everything in my home has a meaning and a special story behind it.  

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