March 19, 2021

At home with Belle Gallo,
founder of In The Sac

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Not just a creative, but the woman behind one of our favourite homegrown brands, Belle of linen brand In The Sac was someone we knew we wanted to spotlight in our At Home series.

Residing in the beautiful Eastern Suburbs, Belle’s terrace home feels akin to a gallery, featuring dark timber floors, stunning original detailing, artworks, vintage pieces and - of course - gorgeous linen.

Step inside Belle’s home with us as we talk to her about her creative spark, ultimate self-care ritual and her number one fragrance.

What was the spark that drove you to create In The Sac linen?
The idea really generated from being in textiles as a buyer for our fashion textile division ‘Martin & Savage and travelling extensively overseas. We discovered the boutique hotels were using linen sheets etc, and that sparked something in us to develop and produce something to contribute to the market. With all of our textile connections and expertise, we knew we could produce and provide a high quality bed linen range at an affordable price. 

Linen is one of our absolute favourite fabrics - it certainly takes the cake for versatility, quality, breathability, and timelessness. What sets In The Sac linen apart from other linen providers?
We are a textile company which is our foundation, that is our basis. In the Sac is ‘vertical’, meaning that we control every manufacturing process, from harvesting the flax directly from the growers in the Netherlands, to getting the flax spun and woven into our quality linen which is exclusive to In The Sac, as well as our rigorous quality control processes.

Having this control over our product from the very start, and using the highest quality flax means, among other things, that we don’t need to stonewash our linen to make it soft.  It’s truly sourcing the best quality flax that provides the softness among a few other factors, but we can’t expose all of our trade secrets…. 

How do you unwind - what’s your ultimate self-care ritual?
Honestly, I love to pick myself up and take myself to a retreat! I would like to do it more often, but a week escape with solo time to switch off from the outside world is invaluable. I also do yoga and walking to set myself up for the day, and failing a retreat, not a lot beats a hot bath with one of my favourite Palm Beach Collection candles at the end of a stressful week. 

What is your favourite Palm Beach Collection fragrance and why?
I have a new favourite, the ‘Sleep’ Essential Oil used with the Diffuser. I love essential oils as for me they go deeper than a fragrance. They infuse your energy as well as your senses. 

Where does In the Sac linen belong? How do you hope people feel when they use it?
It belongs everywhere! The range is very broad, so there is a space in every room of the house for it. Our biggest joy is getting the constant positive feedback from our clients- we love producing quality linen textiles for our ranges and we hope that this translates to our products.   



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