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Yuzu & Sea Moss
420g Standard Candle

Wick Trimmer & Snuffer

Coconut & Lime
420g Standard Candle

Pomelo & Dewberry
100ml Room Mist

Botanical Blooms Eau De Parfum Gift Pack

850g Deluxe Candle

Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser 100ml

Sleep Essential Oil

100ml Room Mist


Slow-Burning Soy Candles That Indulge Your Senses And Create Atmosphere In Your Home

The perfect scented candle transforms the atmosphere in your home into one of calm and relaxation. A space which invites guests and relaxes you the moment you walk through the door. Our unique range of scented candles have been inspired by Australia’s coastal landscape. Each one is lovingly hand made using the finest fragrance. Try one today and add ambiance to your home!

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Buy Candles from Australia's Best Candle Shop Online

Palm Beach Collection is a luxurious yet affordable collection that consists of hand-poured scented candles, reed diffusers and bath products available in an array of inspiring fragrances. A family owned and run Australian Candle business, Palm Beach Collection is passionate about creating beautiful fragrances inspired by Australia’s coastal landscape. Read more

Buy The Best Collection of Candles Online in AU

We’re proud to create products that give a gentle nod to our favourite place in the world - Sydney’s Palm Beach. This is a very special place that has shaped and defined our journey as a brand and our customers love how our hand-poured scented candles in AU, reed diffusers and bath products remind them of the coastal beauty that this are is so renowned for.

Fresh & Uplifting Scented Candles for Sale for Everyone

Do you like fruity scents? Are you a lover of floral fragrances of all kinds? Perhaps you prefer something a little woody or spicy? Whatever your preference, we’ve got all kinds of fragrances so you’re sure to find your favourite. Take some time to explore the following fragrances from our collection;


What’s so different about our online candle shop?

We’re proud to be the most popular candle shop online for thousands of customers all over Australia but our product line extends beyond hand-poured luxurious scented candles. That’s right; we also encapsulate the beauty of our favourite fragrances in the following products;


There are lots of options when it comes to finding an online candle shop so why should you choose us? Here are some of the reasons why customers make us their first choice;

  • We’re a proud Aussie owned and operated business
  • Our collection is luxurious and our products are made to the best possible standard
  • We make our prices as affordable as possible without ever compromising on quality
  • Customer service is very important to us so our customers know they’re in good hands when they choose us
  • We deliver Australia-wide and offer free shipping on orders over $89
  • We love beautiful fragrances so we’re always looking for the newest combinations to bring to our customers
  • Quality always comes first here at Palm Beach Collection so you know you’re getting better quality luxury products when you choose from our collection
  • We have stockists all over Australia which gives our customers an opportunity to see and smell our products for themselves before making their purchases online
  • Afterpay is an option for payment
  • We’re all about creating scented candles in Australia with a stronger fragrance and a longer burning time

A Comprehensive Range of Scented Candles for Sale

It’s undeniable that the scent of a candle has an impact on whether you light it in your home or even buy it in the first place. But have you ever considered the benefits to your health? We have here at Palm Beach Collection. We have tailored our range to provide a comprehensive selection of scents that not only smell great but provide additional aromatic benefits.

Relax, reset and unwind

It’s important to take some time to relax, reset and unwind at the end of the day. Whether that is in the form of a long soak in the bathtub, curling up with a book or watching your favourite show, accompany it with a candle. Choose a scented candle online such as White Rose and Jasmine for ultimate relaxation.

Boosted productivity

If you are in need of a productive day, lighting the right candle can assist. Citrus scents such as our Coconut and Lime candles will boost your productivity and give you the motivation you need to tackle the day ahead, no matter what is in store.

Reduced anxiety

We all experience spells of heightened anxiety. Reducing stress in the body is a great way to create a positive impact on your mood and lessen these feelings of anxiety and depression. Choose a scent such as Vintage Gardenia in times like these.

Our vast selection of hand-poured candles available in Australia online enables us to cater to the needs of all of our customers. Keep a selection of your favourites at home, ready to light when you feel the need. We pride ourselves on being an online scented candle store that oozes luxury, so you’ll find quality in both our products and our customer service. Whether you need to switch on your motivation, switch off for a restful night’s sleep or simply freshen up your space for visitors, we have you covered.

Buy Candles, Reed Diffusers, Bath Products and Hand Sanitisers Online for your beautiful home

Our luxury candles, reed diffusers, bath products and hand sanitisers can all be purchased online today to make your home a scent sensation.

Why fill your home with beautiful aromas with our Online Scented Candle Store?

If you are looking to buy candles online in Australia, or any of our other deliciously smelling products, look no further than Palm Beach Collection for quality and an exceptional experience.

Our range of Australian made scented candles, diffusers and more is sure to delight, and as they are made from premium quality materials, you can expect the best experience when you are using them. Why not treat yourself or someone else today and discover the Palm Beach Collection difference?

Have a question? Reach out to us!

Have a question about candle safety? Want to find out more about the fragrances we currently offer? Be sure to reach out to us today, as we’d love to help you. You can get in touch with us via the contact form on our site. Read Less


Find Out How To Maximise The Performance And Safety Of Your Scented Candle


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Hear What Our Happy Customers Say

OK, as a designer, I am OBSESSED with packaging and this candle box is the absolute cutest. Onto the fragrance... it's zesty and bright with lemon but has a really nice twist that sweetens it slightly and softens the tartness. It doesn't have a full-on rose scent (which I prefer) but you can definitely notice a floral note. A beautiful, fresh fragrance IN A GORGEOUS BOX.

Rebecca T,
Verified Buyer

I absolutely love woody and earthy scents, this is by far one of my stand outs of the collection along with the sea salt.

Samantha W,
Verified Buyer

Love it!
Fragrance is lovely.
Well packaged and really attractive.
Room stays aromatic all day.
By far, one of the very best products that I have tried to date.

Shereen N,
Verified Buyer

Great product, especially for putting out wicks at the bottom of a lovely large candle. Leaves no smoke, which happens when you blow out the flame. Stylish and good price!

Rose M,
Verified Buyer

I relied on someone else’s review for their opinion on this body lotion -I’m so glad I did because it did not disappoint. It’s a little bit addictive it’s that nice that I can put some on my wrist just like a perfume. I feel that it is a uni-sex scent. Neither masculine or feminine. Love it.

Allison L,
Verified Buyer

The Coconut and Lime candle is a wonderful scent. I smelt it at a restaurant and had to have it. I have bought two. Buy it!

Belinda O,
Verified Buyer

It smells absolutely beautiful and leaves the room feeling nice and refreshing. Reminds me of staying in a hotel and leaves the room smelling beautiful for hours!

Briahna D,
Verified Buyer

I quite like this fragrance;
I received it as a gift for Christmas and sprayed this Room Spray throughout
the entire house and it helped to eliminate any foul smells.
I also use it for my beauty room for clients as well, its fresh and inviting and would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes citrus-y scents.

Verified Buyer

I have been buying the Vintage Gardenia fragrance diffuser for years. It’s a lovely delicate fragrance, not too overpowering as some of the reed diffusers can be. I have them in my home and my office!!

Patricia R,
Verified Buyer

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