Coconut & Lime

Coconut & Lime <br> 420g Standard Candle

Coconut & Lime
420g Standard Candle

From $49.95

Coconut & Lime <br> 850g Deluxe Candle

Coconut & Lime
850g Deluxe Candle

From $89.95

Coconut & Lime <br> 90g Mini Candle

Coconut & Lime
90g Mini Candle

From $22.95

Coconut & Lime <br> 250ml Fragrance Diffuser

Coconut & Lime
250ml Fragrance Diffuser

From $49.95

Coconut & Lime <br> 50ml Mini Fragrance Diffuser

Coconut & Lime
50ml Mini Fragrance Diffuser

From $24.95

Coconut & Lime <br> Mini Candle & Diffuser Gift Pack

Coconut & Lime
Mini Candle & Diffuser Gift Pack

From $39.95

Coconut & Lime <br> 100ml Room Mist

Coconut & Lime
100ml Room Mist

From $26.95

Coconut & Lime <br> Aroma Oil

Coconut & Lime
Aroma Oil

From $22.95

Coconut & Lime <br> Wash & Lotion Gift Pack

Coconut & Lime
Wash & Lotion Gift Pack

From $44.95

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Coconut and Lime Scented Candles and Other Products

The coconut lime scent is one of the most popular in our collection, which is why we have a wide selection of products with this beautiful, tropical fragrance. Coconut is a sweet, creamy scent that reminds you of summers and sunshine, while lime is refreshing, clean and sharp. They balance each other perfectly and make for products that smell so good you just want to eat them. Palm Beach Collection has this fragrance available in candles, diffusers and bath and body products, so that you can make both yourself and your home smell like a summer’s day on a tropical vacation. Our products feature only the highest quality ingredients. Read More

The Coconut and Lime Scented Candle

Our scented candles are what Palm Beach Collection is most known for, and for good reason. Our soy candles are hand-poured using the finest ingredients. The coconut and lime scent is one of the most popular candles we have. This ones for the jet-setters, wanderlusters and sunset chasers. With the perfect balance of creamy coconut and zesty citrus, this fragrance will have you dreaming of tropical holidays, and days spent by the pool and with your toes in the sand. 

Fill your home (for up to 80 hours!) with scents from the original of all Palm Beach products – the 420g standard soy candle. Australian-made, double wicked for an even burn and hand-poured with carefully curated fragrances. Additionally, the coconut lime candle fragrance is also available in all the candle sizes we stock, from the extra mini to the deluxe. Our smallest candles have up to 10 hours of burn time, while the deluxe has three wicks and up to 120 hours burn time. If you’d like to try the fragrance before you commit to a bigger candle, then try a smaller size, and if you know you’ll get a lot of use out of this candle, you can get the standard candle or upgrade to the deluxe size.

Coconut Lime Diffusers

Diffusers make a great alternative for those who want their house to smell amazing but prefer not to burn candles, whether that’s for aesthetic or safety reasons, or just because a diffuser can stay on all day while a candle shouldn’t burn without supervision. Of course, it comes in coconut and lime diffusers as well, and they’re available in two different sizes. The standard diffuser has up to 5 months of scent life, while even the small mini diffuser will provide your home with a delicious fragrance for up to 1.5 months. Our diffusers are made from essential oils and can be placed by your bedside, in the living room, in the bathroom, or wherever else you’d like to enjoy the delicious coconut lime scent

Bath & Body

Coconut and lime isn’t a scent just for your home, you can make yourself smell of it too! Our collection includes products like a hydrating coconut and lime hand cream, a hand and body wash, and a body soap bar. Indulge in self-care by using these products in the shower or bath, and afterwards, keeping yourself both clean and smelling wonderfully.

Treat Yourself

Browse the Palm Beach Collection range of lime and coconut candles, diffusers, and all other fragrance products today. You can find us in stockists across the country, or order directly from our website. Orders over $89 come with free shipping, so make sure to fill your basket with all your favourites.
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Hear What Our Happy Customers Say

OK, as a designer, I am OBSESSED with packaging and this candle box is the absolute cutest. Onto the fragrance... it's zesty and bright with lemon but has a really nice twist that sweetens it slightly and softens the tartness. It doesn't have a full-on rose scent (which I prefer) but you can definitely notice a floral note. A beautiful, fresh fragrance IN A GORGEOUS BOX.

Rebecca T,
Verified Buyer

I absolutely love woody and earthy scents, this is by far one of my stand outs of the collection along with the sea salt.

Samantha W,
Verified Buyer

Love it!
Fragrance is lovely.
Well packaged and really attractive.
Room stays aromatic all day.
By far, one of the very best products that I have tried to date.

Shereen N,
Verified Buyer

Great product, especially for putting out wicks at the bottom of a lovely large candle. Leaves no smoke, which happens when you blow out the flame. Stylish and good price!

Rose M,
Verified Buyer

I relied on someone else’s review for their opinion on this body lotion -I’m so glad I did because it did not disappoint. It’s a little bit addictive it’s that nice that I can put some on my wrist just like a perfume. I feel that it is a uni-sex scent. Neither masculine or feminine. Love it.

Allison L,
Verified Buyer

The Coconut and Lime candle is a wonderful scent. I smelt it at a restaurant and had to have it. I have bought two. Buy it!

Belinda O,
Verified Buyer

It smells absolutely beautiful and leaves the room feeling nice and refreshing. Reminds me of staying in a hotel and leaves the room smelling beautiful for hours!

Briahna D,
Verified Buyer

I quite like this fragrance;
I received it as a gift for Christmas and sprayed this Room Spray throughout
the entire house and it helped to eliminate any foul smells.
I also use it for my beauty room for clients as well, its fresh and inviting and would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes citrus-y scents.

Verified Buyer

I have been buying the Vintage Gardenia fragrance diffuser for years. It’s a lovely delicate fragrance, not too overpowering as some of the reed diffusers can be. I have them in my home and my office!!

Patricia R,
Verified Buyer

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