April 16, 2019

At home with Claudine Gasnier

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What can't you live without at home?
I would have to say my washing machine... I'm constantly doing loads of washing with our three kids and cannot imagine what i'd do with out it. Life would be a lot harder.

Your favourite room in the house? Our Bedroom. It's definitely my fave as it's my sanctuary. We don't get to spend a lot of time in it so whenever I get a chance I sneak up there and potter around to get 5 minutes to myself.

Favourite fragrance?
The Palm Beach Collection sea salt diffuser aroma... it's beautiful. I get to smell the sea all day, everyday.

Any styling tips?
You don't need to spend a lot of money. Grab some greenery from your garden and move some of your candles or pictures around to different places... it freshens up the place like you wouldn't believe.

The perfect weekend?
Breakfast around the bar at home followed by a trip to the beach for a surf with the kids. Home for lunch, back to the beach for another surf session and then BBQ with friends. Repeat again on Sunday. Cant beat it !!

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