Emily Berlach, owner of Bohemian Traders at home with Palm Beach Collection Emily Berlach, owner of Bohemian Traders at home with Palm Beach Collection

At Home With…
Emily Berlach, Founder of Bohemian Traders

Emily Berlach is a powerhouse. A mum of three, Emily is also the Founding Director of Bohemian Traders, an Australian fashion house that blends classic, fashion forward pieces including elevated basics with bohemian detailing.

On a mission to provide size inclusive fashionable essentials for the modern bohemian, Emily certainly knows how to style crafty, earthy and intentional with glamour and elegance. Coupled with her desire and intent to empower sustainable design practices with an environmentally and socially responsible supply chain, it’s easy to see the authenticity around the heart of Emily and her team at Bohemian Traders.

Follow us into Emily’s home as we chat about her business journey and how she balances a busy work schedule with family life.

Global travels home aesthetic Global travels home aesthetic

Where does your passion for a bohemian aesthetic come from?

Over the years, my personal style has transitioned from a bohemian aesthetic to a cleaner, more contemporary feel. I’m always inspired by our global travels from Palm Springs to the Italian Riviera and tend to prefer texture to colour. Having said that, I have been dreaming of Gaetano Pesce's Iconic ‘Up’ Armchair in red and cream stripe for my entry.

After being surrounded by fashion for almost your entire career, who has been your biggest fashion influence?

It would have to be Bianca Jagger. What an icon. There is something so timeless about her style.

Balancing work and motherhood Balancing work and motherhood

What autumn/winter season trends are you most looking forward to and why?

I’m always looking forward to wearing denim. I simply can’t go past the classic jeans and a white tee combo (i’ll opt for a wide leg version this winter). Having said that, a floral dress covered by an oversized coat is a very close second.

What has been the key to balancing a career and motherhood?

Ha! I always laugh when I get this question because life has taught me that ‘balance’ is a lie. I just try my best to juggle the key roles of work, motherhood, wife, friend, daughter. I drop balls every single day but I let love lead and hopefully that counts.

Interior Home Style Interior Home Style

What’s been your biggest business learning to date?

I’ve learnt so much since founding Bohemian Traders a decade ago. It’s been a huge learning curve and at times, stressful. Thankfully the highs far outweigh the lows! As for the biggest lesson, I’d say working with Dave, my husband of 22 years is the best thing that could have ever happened for us… perhaps ‘take risks’ is the lesson there?

How would you describe your personal interiors style?

Clean with a focus on texture, tone, materiality and shape.

Scented Candles Scented Candles

What are three things you can’t live without at home?

A steam room, my husband-made coffee in bed every morning and a huge comfortable couch to sink into each evening.

What’s your favourite Palm Beach Collection product and why?

Love me a scented candle and have had Palm Beach in our house for years and years!

Emily Berlach, owner of Bohemian Traders at home with Palm Beach Collection Emily Berlach, owner of Bohemian Traders at home with Palm Beach Collection

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