November 24, 2020

At home with Jose Bryce Smith, founder of Original & Mineral

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Tell us the O&M story - where did your journey begin and how have you found yourself here?
Every element of O&M is natural, steering clear of harsh chemicals. We are firm believers in the benefits of going pure and organic, but tell us in your own words: why is going natural so important to both you and your brand philosophy?

I have always been passionate about clean living and believed that much of disease was caused by toxic chemical overload.  O&M’s philosophy is that haircare and hair colour needs to have luxury performance but can also have clean formulas with high performing naturals and it’s been our mission for nearly 2 decades now.  Health is our no. 1 value and we believe that hair colour and hair care is a health choice like food, skincare, make up and cleaning products. Our mission is to lead the way in high performance clean haircare.

What three things can you not live without? 
My kids, my bed & the beach.

What is your favourite Palm Beach fragrance and why?
White Rose and Jasmine, I have always loved Rose, it reminds me of my grandmother and I have always loved the smell of Jasmine and I named my daughter Jasmine too.

What is your favourite O&M product? 
Desert Dry, it’s just the perfect mix of dry shampoo and texture, it does wonders with my fine hair.

What do you see in O&M’s future?
We are committed to our customer and the journey of staying at the forefront of clean and low chemical formulas, we will continue to look after health and our customers health and innovate and have several new formulas and products in the pipeline. We are also on a sustainability journey with some very exciting projects to launch in 2021.



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