At home with Lucie Ferguson, founder of Babyanything

Lucie Ferguson is the stylish designer and founder of jewellery brand Babyanything. Lucie has created a business that rides the wave of her endless creativity with inspiration for her collections coming to her in many ways, from memories from her childhood to messages in her dreams.

We visited Lucie at home in Bondi to see for ourselves first hand that her home really is an extension of her personal style; part polished, part coastal hippy.

Step inside Lucie's abode with us to take a look around.

Tell us a bit about your home - what are your three favourite things about it?

I am a bit of a nomad, I live between Bondi, the North and Central Coasts of Eastern Australia and my Bondi apartment, which is a perfect place to rest my head while I work at the Babyanything studio during the weekdays. It is a renovated art deco building which was brand new when I moved in. The energy of a place is so important to me, I loved it being a clean slate and it has a beautiful light-filled bedroom and a big closet - the essentials!

How much of your personal style comes into play when setting up your home space? What's one must-have thing you always need in your home?

I have been told objects in my home are very 'me', which is a compliment. I think the way I decorate my space is an extension of my personal style. I grew up in coastal environments so I always have elements that evoke the ocean. Art prints by Akila Berjaoui remind me of days in the sun, blonde timber and rattan across the Sarah Ellison, MCM and Kira and Kira furniture pieces remind me of beach holidays, and a big white linen bed is the best thing to jump into after a day spent in the water at Bondi. The way I dress is part polished, part coastal hippy, so my home reflects that back to me with the smattering of crystals, incense and designer handbags and shoes, that I consider their own kind of artwork.

One thing I always need is my jewellery - no matter which home I am at I always feel at home with it. When I come home I take off all my rings and necklaces and place them in a handmade ceramic jeweller dish or crystal ring holder from Babyanything or my jewellery box from Trove.

What was the driving force behind the creation of Babyanything?

I started Babyanything because I was studying to be a jeweller and could not just make opulent pieces of jewellery to be worn by brides; I wanted to make big skull rings or dainty diamonds for everyday wear. I have always made what I wanted to wear myself. I want my pieces to be heirlooms you hand down to future generations, so they are all made with precious metals, diamonds and gemstones to ensure longevity. My style has evolved and now I want big 70's style gold rings and gemstones, so I take my customers along on that journey. I have a passion to create so that means I don't feel like I have any choice but to keep making the ideas that come into my head.

Where do you get your inspiration when designing a new collection?

I sometimes have a muse that I think of while I design, it has been images of my mother from the 70's, and then characters from movies- for an upcoming collection it is Talitha Getty. But I never have a rigid time to 'design', pieces come to me in dreams, or sometimes the meaning of a piece comes first and then I design a ring or medallion to act as a talisman for that meaning. Gradually a collection forms and then I decide it's ready for the world to see. During covid lockdowns I was repeating mantras to myself and then I ended up making them into earrings and necklaces for a future collection. I just ride the wave of creativity and try to listen when ideas come.

How do you unwind - what’s your ultimate self-care ritual?

I am not very good at unwinding, I am always soaking up the environment I am in but the place that grounds me is the ocean. I have to get in for a swim as much as possible- the salt water makes everything float away, even if just for a minute. So being near the ocean for me is a non-negotiable.
Self-care for me is going to a dance class once a week. I do an RnB and burlesque class with friends and we just leave it all on the floor of the studio. It's so great for endorphins, I just laugh my way through the hour getting sweaty and feeling feminine and sexy.

What advice do you have for someone who is looking for a work-life balance?

Good luck! It's definitely something I haven't mastered, but I love my business and what I have created. What a privilege it is to put something original into the world that makes people happy and helps people create meaning in their lives. But a practical tip is not working weekends. I finally started having weekends off 2 years ago and it helps you not resent when you are at work and you can choose to do work if you wish, but it's a choice.

What is your favourite Palm Beach fragrance and why?

Vintage Gardenia is my favourite of the Palm Beach fragrances as I have always had these candles in my homes. It reminds me of my garden at my family home with Gardenia trees heavy with blooms and that sweet scent in the air.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I feel so lucky to have lived between Byron, Bondi and the Central Coast as they are all so picturesque, but when I travelled in Europe I thought I would LOVE to live in Italy or Paris for a stint. I still have them both on my list, both places gave me so much inspiration, from the history of Italy and the personal style in France, I can only imagine the jewellery I could create if I did it!

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