October 31, 2019

At home with Marisa Young

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This month we chat with Marisa Young, co-owner of Splice Boutique, a beautiful selection of Australian and International designers, located on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Describe your style?

Floaty Bohemia and pretty florals. I have a real love for anything embroidered. Give me a cotton embroidered blouse and a high waisted denim jean any day. And an earring, I love a statement earring.

What can you not live without?

I’m a real homebody, I feel it’s the whole thing I couldn’t live without. I get homesick every time when I’m away. For not one thing in particular, just for the safe feeling of “home.” I know my life would continue if I did not have these things but geez I’d miss my, my speakers, my floor steamer and my beloved coffee machine. Actually, my coffee machine. I could not live without my coffee machine!!!

Favourite local spots?

I’d have to say Alma in Avalon for a rosé or ice cold margarita and Mexican! Nights there are always fun! Best coffee I’m going to say Rukus in Newport and the world's most amazing Vegan curry or Smoothie bowls are at Highbrations Organics-which is this divine little hole in the wall of goodness, directly across the road from our Newport Boutique!

Favourite Scent?

White Rose and Jasmine..... it’s absolute heaven!

What inspired the creation of Splice Boutique?

Splice Fashion and Living, (half fashion and half homewares) was my after school and weekend job growing up.it wasn’t until I was 19 that I was given the most incredible opportunity to take over the business, thanks to my two very selfless and hard working parents. With my dad running accounts, my sister Gabby became my business partner and together, with a love for all things beautiful, we began creating a store that housed many of our favourite designers. We wanted to create a store where woman could find beautiful and different pieces, that you couldn’t find over this side of the bridge, and this began the creation of Splice Boutique.

What do you look for when buying for the store?

Pieces that we each want to wear ourselves, every day. Pieces that are missing from our wardrobes and collections that we know we will have hanging in our wardrobes for seasons to come, that keep their timeless “special” even after a trend has passed.We found, of late, there was a real lack of beautifully made essentials, for women our age. We wanted billowing blouses to wear back with denim or floating dresses in basic colour ways- so we created our own collection for éss The Label ( pronounced S ( S for Splice !) which is due to launch this November!

Favourite place to travel?

If I can throw back to pre husband and pre children, traveling to the Greek Islands with three of your best friends is something I will never forget!! Fast forward to life now and I’m going to have to say beautiful Indonesia! So many life changing and life shaping events have occurred for me when i have been travelling in Indonesia. I met my husband Ben when we were 22 on holidays with mutual friends in Bali. And years later we were engaged in Lombok. In more difficult times, I was travelling in Bali when I received the news my dad had passed away, so I have always felt a closeness to him whenever we are there. I’ve travelled there with my brothers and sisters and my mum. And made memories with my little family when we were a small family of three, then four and most recently a family of five. It’s a place that holds so manly special memories for me.

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