December 02, 2019

At home with Mr and Mrs White

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Sasha and Nathan White have created a bespoke furniture brand that embraces everyday, effortless living with a focus on a minimalist design. Their home in Avalon Beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches reflects their designs through their clean and timeless aesthetic.

Things you can't live without at home?

A comfy lounge, good music playing, fresh and healthy food, relaxing scents and coffee!

Favourite fragrance?

Growing up I would love that fresh linen smell after my Mum washed the sheets. I love how PBC have captured that fragrance in their 'linen' fragrance...makes the house feel fresh and clean even when it's not!)

Favourite local places to eat, shop and play?

Our favourite place to eat is actually right next door to our house 'Graze and Cakes', they make the best fresh Vietnamese and also offer amazing pastries and coffee. For shopping, we love local brands such as Natalie Marie Jewellery, Featherdrum and Assembly Label. The beach is our favourite place to play. Whale Beach and Palm Beach are our favourites.

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

We are inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design but also by life. Looking at our home, and the day to day and what we want/need in there. Looking at an empty space is inspiring to us because it represents the possibility of creating something and that is what we love to do- create! Lifestyle has a major influence on our designs. Our desire to live life simply and minimally has contributed to us creating furniture that fits within that lifestyle.

What's next for Mr and Mrs White?

We are very excited about a new lounge we have designed and will be releasing early 2020.

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