October 01, 2017

Coconut and Lime Cocktails

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We love summer entertaining! Our Coconut and Lime candle embraces all things summer and is the perfect candle and fragrance for your outdoor table...in fact it's so good you could almost eat it...but we did the next best thing and made these amazing Coconut and Lime cocktails! This fresh and delicious cocktail will have you dreaming of island escapes and poolside hangs with its sweet coconut flavour and vodka infused with fresh ingredients like sparkling water, pineapple and freshly squeezed lime juice. It takes less than 10 minutes to whip up a batch big enough for an all-day party in the sun. Ingredients (for around 12 cups)

2x cups organic coconut water
5x cups of chunked fresh pineapple
5x cups vodka
juice of 2 limes
sparkling water

Add pineapple chunks and organic coconut water to blender. Blend on high until pureed smooth. Using a manual juicer, squeeze the juice from 2 limes.

Add lime juice, vodka and pineapple/coconut puree to a 12-cup pitcher and stir to combine. Add the sparkling water and top with ice. You can also garnish with fresh limes and coconut flakes. Enjoy x

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