At home with Amanda Voller

This time around, we’re venturing back to our usual stomping ground - Sydney’s Northern Beaches - to explore the home of Amanda Voller, interior stylist, renovator and content creator.

With its rendered surfaces, palms, rattan, warm neutrals, and plenty of textural elements, Amanda has created the island/Mediterranean home of our dreams, where she lives with her three children and husband.

Step inside Amanda’s seriously stunning home with us as we talk to her about renovations, family life and personal style.

You have essentially created everyone’s dream home - tell us a bit about the process.

Aww, what a beautiful compliment, Thankyou! So we bought this house after doing a 3 year renovation on our first house. We wanted to move back to the beaches after being away for a few years as my husband’s business is based here, and the 4hr round trip daily for him was getting too much for us all as a family. We were so lucky when we found this place, we’d been looking for a few weeks but this one just ticked all the boxes for us. It was built by the owner we bought from, who was a licensed builder, it was double brick, great bones - although it was crying for a makeover, it just had so much potential. We actually started renovating the week we moved in, which wasn’t the original plan. But I’m so glad we jumped straight in! I knew the direction I wanted to take the house in, I knew I wanted it to feel like we were waking up on a holiday everyday. And we worked with the most talented builders to create the vision. It took us just over a year to complete.

How would you describe your personal style? Is it the same as your design/interior style?

I would probably say it is. At least the tones I like to wear. I like to keep my wardrobe to a minimum. Most days you’ll find me makeup free in sweats chasing after my three kids. Unfortunately these days having young kids and COVID we don’t get a lot of chances to dress up to go out, but hopefully things will start to change soon.

What is the lifestyle you’re trying to create for your family - both through your location and through the space you’ve designed?

I definitely wanted to create a healthy lifestyle for my family, we’re so lucky to be able to bring our children up by the beach. It was always a dream of ours to be able to do that. I love that we can spend our summers at the beach, my little girl is such a beach baby, and I love that the boys are always outside playing. Through the house I just wanted to create a sense of calm for them. My husband works really long hours and the kids are always busy so to create somewhere that they can all come home to and escape.

We have to ask - what’s your secret?! How do you manage to keep such a gorgeous, white toned home with three young kids?

It’s definitely a challenge! Our robot vacuum is definitely my best friend!

What is your favourite Palm Beach fragrance and why?

I’m in love with your White Rose & Jasmine scent, it’s divine. And also the Watermelon Hand Wash & Lotion.. I always have them beside our kitchen sink and the whole family is in love with the scent.

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