At home with Mariah Madder, founder of Folk Studio

Becoming an interior designer was something that felt like fate for Mariah Madder, founder of Folk Studio, who always craved creation from a young age. As well as spending every day designing the interiors of clients, Mariah tackled the ultimate challenge - re-designing and renovating her own apartment alongside her builder husband.

Featuring polished concrete floors, gorgeous kit-kat tiles, a muted palette of natural tones, and pairings of contemporary and vintage furniture, Mariah’s Northern Beaches home is living proof that apartment life can be oh-so-sweet.

Venture into Mariah’s home with us as we chat to her about her career, her inspiration and her cure for a tough day.

You really have the dream job - designing & styling beautiful spaces and sourcing gorgeous furniture. What’s it like?

Thank you! The best part of my job is creating custom spaces for my clients and knowing these spaces will truly enhance their mental and physical wellbeing. I love finding the perfect piece for a client, it becomes all encompassing.

What’s something you do as an interior designer that most people might not expect?

Sometimes people assume interior designers ‘fluff’ cushions all day and this is certainly far from the truth. I am usually on site coordinating trades, drafting detailed documentation for builds and designing custom furniture. Sometimes I wish my job was simply to source furniture but that is usually right at the end of a project and is actually the most simple part of the process.

Where do you look for inspiration for your many projects?

My clients. My end goal has always been to ensure the spaces I design reflect the lifestyle and personality of my clients.

Favourite remedy for a tough day in the office?

A hot shower, a great dinner and a steaming hot cup of tea.

What is your favourite Palm Beach fragrance and why?

I have always loved the Watermelon Candle- I have this burning at home most days and it’s often the first thing people comment on when they walk into our home.

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