At home with Canna Campbell, founder of SugarMamma.TV

Canna Campbell is the founder of SASS Financial Services, is a Channel 9 financial commentator, best selling author and founder of financial media platform, SugarMamma.TV and does this all whilst juggling motherhood. Canna’s journey is about empowering every individual to create financial harmony, freedom and independence in their lives.

We visited Canna at home in Bondi to witness first hand what it takes to run a successful business, whilst juggling home life and the kids all in classic style.

Come inside for a sneak peak at the stylish abode of Canna Campbell.

You have created a beautiful home- tell us about your style inspo for home and why it works for your family?

I am a minimalist at heart, who loves a clutter free, tidy, organised home. However the reality of my life is that I have 3 children, a super messy partner and two large dogs, plus work for myself, so I have to choose my battles. My style is probably more coastal chic - which allows me to include the element of water, but with the clean lines of classic investment pieces through quality furniture and art in my home. Having soothing and calming colours such as creams, whites and beiges helps keep the madness at bay, even if it means showing sticky finger imprints.

How would you describe your personal style vs your interior style?

Both are so similar - I am drawn to classic, calm lines, colours, cuts and styles - I will always choose quality over quantity and just like my investment strategy, I am a buy and hold consumer - if I purchase something to wear or to sit on, I need to know that I will be loving it long time. Sometimes that means taking my time to decide, but when I do, I have no regrets and I feel good about my purchases and enjoy them guilt free.

Tips for working mums, managing budgets and managing the house? How do we actually do it all?

Mindset first - having a budget isn’t about depriving yourself but giving yourself healthy safe spending boundaries; your budget is your friend. Once you have a budget in place, you can set the budget in other goals such as family holidays, investing, special purchases etc. I recommend that you round all your expenses up when you do your budget and add a 10% buffer so that you always come under your actual spending. Also, when it comes to big goals, such as a deposit for a home, investing or paying off a home, break the goal down into small bite-sized goals (like The $1000 Project) -  this will help you make further progress and will feel good so that you want to keep going. I also recommend a 4-account system to help make managing your expenses easily and help make sure you are always equiped for those once-off larger expenses such as Christmas gifts.

Tips for being frugal when renovating or styling our homes?

Invest time upfront to understand what styles you are drawn to. This will help avoid regretful purchases. Stopping to ask yourself what exactly it is that you like about a picture or piece will give you a good foundation to base your purchases on. Shop around, which includes looking to pre-loved pieces - particularly furniture. Buying pre-loved has allowed me to squeeze more expensive pieces in my home.

What is your favourite Palm Beach fragrance and why?

White Rose and Jasmine, shortly followed by Sea Salt.

One Palm Beach product you can't live without?

The large 850g Deluxe Candles look so chic on display for my hall tables.

Tell us one thing we don't know about you?

My home is my sanctuary, where I get my business ideas and inspiration and reconnect with myself.

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