At home with Sigourney Cantelo, founder of Beauticate.

As a beauty and health director working in glossy magazines, Sigourney was more than aware of the confusion and intimidation that surrounded the beauty industry. With hundreds of products launching each week, all claiming to take you one step closer to perfection, Sigourney had an idea.

After meeting so many wonderful people in the industry she wanted to demystify the beauty game and tell the stories of the real people behind the industry, so Beauticate was born. A fusion of` "Beautify" and ''Educate", Sigourney created Beauticate to be an indulgent website to talk about all things beauty.

Today Sigourney has created a beautiful home for herself and her family on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and we were lucky enough to have a tour with Sigourney and to get a few first hand tips on what's hot in beauty right now.

How would you describe your personal style vs your interior style?

I know it’s probably not very fashionable to say this but comfort rates pretty highly for how I approach my home and my wardrobe! Nothing too fussy or tricked up. I like natural fibres in both furnishings and clothing: cotton, flax linen, silk (if you haven’t switched to silk pillowcases you’re missing out!). I like my furniture, underwear and shoes to be comfy! I also love neutrals. Our home was already painted with calming tones of grey and white so we just kept that and added to it with the art, soft furnishings and coffee table books etc..

What is your favourite Palm Beach fragrance and why?

Coconut and Lime is delicious - it reminds me of lazy summer days. I also love Linen, so fresh and so clean.

Give us your best tips and tricks for busy women trying to get out of the house with a fresh face?

Focus on skincare - stick to a routine, never skip the SPF and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I also am partial to a little gadgetry now and then - I meditate with my LED mask in the mornings and I swear it’s made a huge difference. Probably because I feel relaxed as well! We can’t underestimate the affect your inner state of mind has on your face.

You have created a beautiful home, tell us about your style inspo for home and why it works for your family?

Thank you! We were lucky as the basics were already there with the sandstone fireplace and clean white kitchen, but I find adding lots of plants really adds to the rancho relaxo vibes! I’ve also added beachy details to remind us of our favourite place: clam bowls, shell and wooden beads and chalky ceramics that remind me of the Mediterranean. I love the Stuart Cantor print in our bedroom “A Day At Adolfo”- it reminds me of Italy and Greece, so calming.

The Palm Beach product you can't live without?

The Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser. I use it every day to diffuse essential oils and I swear it changes the mood in the home: we use lavender at night, citrus and eucalyptus during the day. The Eucalyptus also cleanses the air and helps protect us from virus bugs.

What are the must-have products we should all be using in our beauty routine?

Sunscreen (obviously!), Vitamin C in the mornings, Vitamin B or niacinamide and a good retinol or vitamin A product at night is great for brightening and evening the skin tone. I also love facial oils for nourishing and massage.

What is your favourite splurge item you buy just for yourself?

I really haven’t bought much lately! We are saving up for a pool (still a long way off I think!) so I’m trying not to buy much. The last thing I bought was a pair of Frame Denim bootcut cropped jeans in the Net-a-Porter sale! They’re super comfy.

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