At Home With…
Rory James Carter,
Interior Stylist

Australian Interior Stylist, Rory James Carter understands how to create a sanctuary. Meticulous in his style, there’s no denying the creative brilliance in his craft; indeed, one look at his instagram grid will evoke a sense of calm that may have us all decluttering layers within the home in mere minutes. Between curating and sourcing furniture, art and homewares for his clients homes, the Sydney based interiors stylist welcomes PBC into his abode to give us all an insight into creating a visually impactful room. Join us as we talk with Rory about his approach to design, the importance of nature within a space, and his top tips for adding that elevated sense of cachet to a home.

What was it that initially drew you into the interiors space?

I’ve always had an interest in interiors and design since I can remember. When I was young I was really interested in looking at home and real estate magazines, and I used to cut out photos of rooms I liked and put them all together to create my own “dream homes”. That love for home design led me to study interiors and to start working as an Interior Stylist.


How would you describe your personal interiors style?

I like interior spaces to feel uncluttered and light, with a focus on combining natural materials like timber, linen, ceramic and natural stone. My personal style is generally neutral colour-wise, with layered details in similar tones to create warmth and a sense of timelessness. I look to Japanese and Scandinavian interiors and architecture for inspiration because there’s often a strong connection to nature, a focus on simplicity and a less is more approach to styling.

As an interior stylist, I imagine you’re privy to high end interiors. What are your top tips for ensuring a home feels elevated?

Elevating a room or space in your home can be achieved with additions like a large indoor plant in an empty corner, a large floor mirror to reflect light and to create a sense of scale, and even in small details like a stack of curated coffee table books that reflect your interests. Candles and interior scents are a great way to elevate a space too because the ambience and mood of a home is important, too.


How much of your personal style is reflected in your professional styling?

I’m lucky that I often get to work with clients who resonate with my own personal style or have similar taste, which gives me confidence in curating the best furniture, art and homewares for their home as our personal styles are closely matched. Every project I work on is reflective of my signature style because each decision is selected through my eyes + how I see the vision coming together.

What’s your favourite room in your home and why?

My open plan living and dining area gets a lot of sunlight in the morning and throughout the day which makes it feel nice and airy which I love. The two spaces flow seamlessly and are where I spend the most time, often working from the dining table because I get to watch the ocean in the distance from my window. I’ve tied in the furniture and styling throughout the area, with concrete, timber, linen + white and cream tones for a comfortable and clean look and feel.


What is the best part of your job and why?

I love that I’m able to work on multiple projects during a typical week or month, which lets me explore lots of different creative ideas. I enjoy working with my clients throughout the interior styling process and collaborating with them to realise our shared vision for their home and seeing their excitement as each step unfolds. Getting to furnish and style some of the most premium homes in the country is a real privilege.

How important is the role of nature in any given home?

To me, a room or home never really feels complete with a natural element. Sometimes it can be as simple as a vase of foliage on a bench or adding in a timber side table to incorporate more natural texture into the space. Natural elements + a connection to your natural environment always make a home more comfortable, inviting and warm.


What’s your favourite Palm Beach Collection product and why?

My favourite Palm Beach Collection product is definitely the Sea Salt Room Spray — room sprays are one of my favourite ways to add scent to a space and I love using it lightly on my bed linen before I sleep as well. Another favourite is the Ceramic Oil Burner because its simple shape and ceramic texture looks great on my shelves even when it’s not in use.

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