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Jelena Alavanja,
Interior Designer

Architectural and interior designer Jelena Alavanja has a passion for sharing knowledge, inspiration and ideas around creating effortless, sophisticated, and refined spaces. Inspired by the design world, the Sydney-based creative consultant and blogger has a magnitude of experience across both the residential and commercial design industry, and we couldn’t wait to get the skinny on how Jelena suggests we create ambience and elegance within the home. Having recently completed her own incredible renovation, Jelena welcomed the PBC team into her home.

How would you describe your personal interiors style?

My personal style is a blend of traditional and timeless - I love mixing new and old pieces. I love collected pieces from my own personal travels all over the world, that tell a story and hold special memories. Within the interiors I love accentuating existing architectural features and contrasting this with a practical, layered and contemporary style.


Where did your inspiration for this renovation come from?

We wanted to retain the existing features of the home as it is over 80 years old, hence worked with existing fireplaces, windows, cornices, and timber flooring. We retained traditional features throughout with shaker style joinery, classic marble bathrooms and worked with the existing architecture, whilst adding contemporary touches throughout.


What's your favourite room in the house and why?

Definitely the Master Bedroom as its so calming and relaxing. The ambience is so relaxing with the panoramic ocean views and is the perfect place to relax with a cup of tea, watch some tv and unwind after a long day.

What key advice could you offer to our readers that may be about to embark on their own renovation?

Patience is a virtue - it will be a lengthy and expensive exercise. Do it once, properly and hire professionals to help ease the process (whether that be an interior designer, project manager or stylist). Invest in feature statement pieces such as marble stone, travertine tiles, feature pendants. If this is your forever home, I would suggest future proofing the home and think about how these spaces will be used over time. Make sure each space translates to the next and enjoy the process! It is worth it in the end (and can be fun)!


What are your tips for creating ambience and elegance in a home?

Lots of lamps to create ambient lighting - combine table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces. Layering is also key, with varying textures, colours and patterns. This can be introduced with throws, baskets, cushions and accessories. Stick to textures and materials that compliment each other in a calming way, and stick to neutral complementary colour palettes.

What are the top trending interior design trends at the moment?

Curves, textures, vintage pieces and earthy tones - we will be seeing a lot of this for the next few years for sure!


You're an Architectural and Interior Designer, Design Consultant and Blogger - what do you love about your job and why?

I love improving people's spaces and making them feel calm in their own home. I love bringing clients visions to life and helping them tell their stories throughout their homes. The final result is always exceptionally rewarding.


What's your favourite Palm Beach Collection product?

The Watermelon Candle, it smells divine. I always get complimented and asked where the fragrance is from.

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