Scent your home as we welcome the warmer weather

Spring is with us: Time to swap your puffa jacket with your linen-blend cardigan, throw open the windows to warmer climes and celebrate. One of the most celebrated of the shoulder seasons, spring is an incredible time of year.

Smell wise, it invokes the scent of star jasmine (don’t you find it amazing that your nose knows that spring has sprung so often before you look at the calendar?), and from an energetic perspective the prospect of bidding farewell to what was the wettest winter in recorded history, is something we’re all feeling pretty great about right now. Right?

Spring clean your scent

As to be expected each year, with the official countdown to summer now on, clean eating and exercise memberships will be on the rise. But how about detoxing your home. It’s been quite a winter, and while peppery accords and nutty notes might have been a great fit for your cooler month mood, nothing compliments warmer temperatures and sunnier skies better than a fresh, floral, or fruity fragrance.

You see, a scent really plays the part in making a house a home, in giving a space an essence. So, in the spirit of spring cleaning and revitalising the home, the perfect way to nurture your space, feel energised for the warmer days ahead, and invoke a new mood is to find the perfect springtime scent.

The staple scents of spring

Palm Beach Collection aficionados will know that our Jasmine and Lime range of candles and diffusers are something to write home about. Big on personality, this fun, fresh and classic fragrance features notes of citrus, rosewood, jasmine, and vanilla. A heavenly spring scent that’s the ultimate bridge between the winter that was, and the warm days ahead, this fragrance contains Eucalyptus, Lime, Orange, and Lemon Essential Oils, and will breathe new life into your space. A dreamy floral fragrance our Jasmine and Lime range captures the carefree energy of warmer days.

For those after a memorable feel-good fragrance, our Vintage Gardenia collection conjures familiarity and the call of balmy evenings. While our Posy collection, with subtle hints of rosewood, is a light fragrance and the ultimate spring bouquet.

Scented Candle or Reed?

We’re impartial here because there’s a case for both, and ultimately, they complement one another. Candles are so often the favourite for many reasons, but mostly because they provide ambience, they set a mood, and provide an experience. Diffusers are the ultimate set and forget. They look great, will do all the hard work for you, and don’t need to be activated and watched. But this one’s entirely up to you.

Between candles and diffusers, as the days get longer and warmer, a new scent will nourish your home, stimulate your senses, and cleanse your mind. Naturally the perfect scent will be different for everyone but now is the time for action, and with spring in the air, a number of warm-weather fragrances are in full bloom.

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