The Best Candle Scents for Every Season

Inspired by the beauty, wilderness and ruggedness of our beautiful nation, Palm Beach Collection candles encompass the authentic aroma behind what makes Australia so amazing. And with the ever-changing seasons come ever-changing scents - fragrances that signify the passing of time with unique auras. From warming winter tones and spiced autumnal aromas to fresh springtime smells and sweet summery notes, we’ve elegantly captured and infused a wide selection of seasonal signature scents into our luxury soy-based candles - so that everyone can enjoy each and every time period’s recognisable fragrances at home. There is a wealth of wonderful waxes to choose from, but to narrow down some of the favourites that we think best represent the niceties of each season, we’re taking you on a tour of time through the indulgence of candlelit aromas.


Put a spring in your step

Nothing is more reminiscent of spring than a bouquet of flowers freshly in bloom - and that's exactly the scent our Posy Standard Candle gently oozes into your home. A soft, light aroma, this springtime treat gives off pretty floral fragrances whilst combining them with the happy, feel-good perfumes of sweet fruits. Containing real essential oils of orange, mandarin and patchouli, this is one of our most genuine springtime scents that fills the indoors with the refreshing air of the season's very first fruits and blooms.

Bask Under the Summer Sun

Indulge your senses in a scent that captures the unique Australian Christmas season in the middle of summer. With a belly full of sumptuous savouries, a plate of juicy, refreshing watermelon is just what the doctor ordered. Recreate the feeling of being on the beach with our Watermelon Standard Candle . Created with top notes of citrus splash, guava and cucumber water with sliced melon, honeydew and watermelon at its heart and a touch of vanilla ice and sheer musk to hold the scent together, it embodies a quintessentially Australian Christmas aroma unique to our summertime festivities down under.

Savour Spiced Autumnal Accents

Indulgent spices, woody tones and sweet-smelling jasmine are what autumn is all about. And with sugar and spice compiled into a decadent scent, the warm aromas of autumn can be savoured simply by lighting a candle. Jasmine & Cedar Standard Candle fits the bill perfectly, especially for those nights when you want to cuddle up with a soft throw. Top notes of bergamot and citrus fade to a floral heart where jasmine, rosewood and ylang ylang take centre stage. Underpinning all these scents are the true aromas of autumn: cedarwood, sandalwood and cinnamon. Can you think of anything more delicious?

Warm Up Your Winter

As a signature wintertime aroma, our woody Clove & Sandalwood Deluxe Candle effortlessly captures the musky earthy aromas of the year’s chillier months. As its fragrant air floods your home with a gentle blend of rich spices and warm woody tones, this luxurious candle’s scent welcomes winter’s passage with grace and warmth, evoking a cosy aura that makes you feel right at home. Throw on your favourite woolly jumper, light the candle, and unwind in the midst of its natural, homely fragrance.

These are just some of our top picks representing the notes of each season; our collection consists of many more that capture the essence of Australia’s yearly changes. Be it woody undertones, fragrant florals and warm spices, chocolatey flavours and citrus fruity scents, our range offers all the key aromas of every time of the year - and even those close to your heart that signal the changing of the seasons to you personally.

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