Natural Soy Candles

Watermelon <br> 420g Standard Candle

420g Standard Candle

From $44.95

Watermelon <br> 250ml Fragrance Diffuser

250ml Fragrance Diffuser

From $44.95

Sea Salt <br> 420g Standard Candle

Sea Salt
420g Standard Candle

From $44.95

White Rose & Jasmine <br> 420g Standard Candle

White Rose & Jasmine
420g Standard Candle

From $44.95

Vintage Gardenia <br> 420g Standard Candle

Vintage Gardenia
420g Standard Candle

From $44.95

Watermelon <br> 50ml Mini Fragrance Diffuser

50ml Mini Fragrance Diffuser

From $22.95

Coconut & Lime <br> 325ml Luxury Hand Sanitiser

Coconut & Lime
325ml Luxury Hand Sanitiser

From $24.95

Sea Salt <br> 250ml Fragrance Diffuser

Sea Salt
250ml Fragrance Diffuser

From $44.95

Watermelon <br> 90g Mini Candle

90g Mini Candle

From $22.95

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Australian Natural Soy Candles

At Palm Beach Collection, we have a wide range of different candles to suit your needs. We are a family-run business based in Australia offering luxurious, great quality candles and wax melts at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a cleaner burning candle with less smoke, then our soy candles are for you. Read More

What are the benefits of natural soy candles?

Our soy candles are made with soybeans rather than the paraffin wax used in your average candle. As soybeans are natural ingredients, there are many reasons why you should choose soy candles.

  • Environmentally friendly – unlike the petroleum used in paraffin candles, soybeans are a renewable source. Using a soy candle helps the local farmers who supply the beans, allowing them to grow their operations and boosting the economy.
  • Cleaner burning – soy candles are non-toxic, so they don’t release any unwanted toxins and other substances into the air while burning. They will create less soot and smoke around the candle, leaving your house clean and smelling fresh.
  • Better scent – alongside the lower soot levels, this gives off a better and stronger smell. Because the soy candles burn slower, the fragrances are released into the air more effectively and gradually, creating a gentler atmosphere.
  • Low temperatures – soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, meaning that should there be a spill, there is less risk of accidents and burns from the melted wax.
  • Easy clean – you can wash away soy wax with warm, soapy water so it is easier to reuse your candle holder without any mess left over.

We pride ourselves in our soy candles

We love to create beautiful fragrances inspired by Sydney’s Palm Beach to cure those beach blues upon your return home. Each of our deluxe natural soy candles has multiple fragrances, keeping the scents fresh and bring back memories of Palm Beach. Our clove and sandalwood candle can burn for up to 80 hours at a cost of only $36.32. Its heart fragrance releases hints of jasmine, cyclamen, and rosewood before the base burns with cedarwood, musk, wood, and sandalwood. For a gorgeous scent for 180 hours, you can spend a bit extra on our coconut and lime deluxe candle. From the start, it emits a fruity scent with a hint of apple before burning into a strawberry-like smell. As you get to the end of your candle, you will be able to smell the gorgeous aroma of musk, vanilla, and balsam. Or if you’re looking for something a little smaller, our 90g watermelon mini candle smells amazing – it doesn’t just smell of watermelon, it’s our fruitiest candle yet. From the top it smells of citrus fruits, guava and cucumber water, gradually releasing hints of sliced melon, honeydew, and watermelon. As you reach the end of the candle, you will find vanilla and musk. All that in the space of a 25 hour burn time.

Natural Soy Candles Available Online from Palm Beach Collection

Have a look round our website to find some of the best soy candles online, or we also stock in most of your local home and décor stores in Sydney and along the coast.

While you will be able to find candles in almost any home, not all candles produce the same results. At Palm Beach Collection, our Australian made soy candles are a cut above the rest and using one in your home can help you lift your mood while also filling your room with a delicious fragrance.

As our natural soy candles burn better and are more environmentally friendly than traditional paraffin wax candles, you can also feel good each time that you light your candle.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, or you simply want to treat yourself and your home to one of our natural soy candles that are made in Australia, Palm Beach Collection is the place for you.

What are the benefits of lighting a soy candle?

Lighting a candle can give your room a wonderful, friendly glow and a cosy atmosphere, but soy candles in Australia from Palm Beach Collection can offer you much more as well.

Smell is a powerful sense that we have as humans, and we can encounter many different smells throughout the day, some of which we will like and others we may not. When you get home, you want your home to smell pleasant, and a simple way to do this is to light a candle. By choosing your favourite fragrance, your home will become a haven of relaxation, and it can help to disguise other aromas, such as cooking.

At Palm Beach Collection, we have a huge variety of home fragrances, letting you choose one that you find comforting and relaxing. You can choose from our aqueous, citrus, floral, fruity, spicy, and woody families. As our soy candles have been made from the highest quality fragrant oil and essential oils, you can look forward to a stronger smell from your candle. With many evocative fragrances, which one will you choose?

Our candles are hand-poured with premium soy wax for a better candle experience. They contain no animal products and have not been tested on animals so you can use them with confidence knowing that no harm has come to anything to make them. As our soy candles are slow-burning, you can expect them to last longer than your traditional candles, making them great value for money.

They are also made from high-tempered glass for safety. Their glass cases also look stunning, and they will complement the décor of any room in your home.

Buy your soy candles from Palm Beach Collection and let your senses be awakened

You can purchase our soy candles online at Palm Beach Collection, and as soon as they arrive, you can look forward to filling your home with our combinations of delicious smelling fragrances. Candles help you to create the right ambience in your home, so find one that you love today.

For a candle that not only looks good but also smells great, look no further than Palm Beach Collection. Order yours today and give your room a beautiful fragrance.

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Hear What Our Happy Customers Say About Our Slow-Burning Soy Candles

The scent from this diffuser is fabulous & lasts for months. Excellent value & long lasting pleasure as you walk past it!

Verified Buyer

Sea Salt Wash & Lotion has the most intoxicating scent! I am so happy with this purchase. I will be putting them in every bathroom in the house and one in the Kitchen! Thanks for a great product and a seamless purchase and delivery.

Verified Buyer

I bought this after visiting my beauty salon where they always have one burning. It smells incredible and the quality is superior! Will purchase again.

Verified Buyer

Love this gift pack! A great size, I’ve got one in the bedroom, one in the living area and one in the bathroom. They last forever. I will definitely purchase full size next!

Verified Buyer

I struggle with strong smells and get headaches easily but these candles are the perfect amount of scent to fill the room and the fragrance is lovely, My cousin recommended them to me and bought me one as a birthday gift and now I only want to use these ones!

Verified Buyer

Very quick with the postage and the package was wrapped really securely.

Verified Buyer

SO HAPPY! Received my new wash and lotion gift pack in the Posy and it smells so so good! I got the
ceramic tray to go with it and it looks so beautiful in my bathroom.

Verified Buyer

The watermelon scented diffuser and candle are my absolute favourite scents!
Friends and family who visit our house always comment about how amazing it smells; not too strong, but just right.

I will never ever purchase another scent again - I’ve found the one!

Verified Buyer

BEST CANDLES EVER!!! I cannot shop anywhere else. These candles are so good.

Verified Buyer

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