Sweet Scented Candles

Watermelon <br> 420g Standard Candle

420g Standard Candle

From $42.95

Watermelon <br> Mini Candle & Diffuser Gift Pack

Mini Candle & Diffuser Gift Pack

From $34.95

Watermelon <br> 90g Mini Candle

90g Mini Candle

From $19.95

Watermelon <br> 850g Deluxe Candle

850g Deluxe Candle

From $89.95

Sweet Treat Candle Collection <br> Gift Pack

Sweet Treat Candle Collection
Gift Pack

From $54.95

Watermelon <br> 50g Extra Mini Candle

50g Extra Mini Candle

From $14.95

Cinnamon Donut <br> 420g Limited Edition Standard Candle

Cinnamon Donut
420g Limited Edition Standard Candle

From $44.95

Maple Pancakes <br> 420g Limited Edition Standard Candle

Maple Pancakes
420g Limited Edition Standard Candle

From $44.95

Strawberries & Cream <br> 420g Limited Edition Standard Candle

Strawberries & Cream
420g Limited Edition Standard Candle

From $44.95

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Treat Yourself to Our Scrumptious Sweet Scented Candles

Nobody can resist the tempting sweet scents of nature, food, and flora. We are hypnotised by and drawn to the delicious aromas and flavours of sugar, which are found in many areas of the natural environment. A sweet scent means sugar, and sugar means sustenance, energy, life, and enjoyment - which is why humans and animals alike are naturally attracted to all things sweet.
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The smell of honey, a flower’s nectar, a basket of fresh fruit, melted chocolate, or grandma’s freshly baked cookies and cakes all evoke immediate pleasure and ignite the brain’s happiness receptors. Now with our sweet scented candles, you can enjoy all the sweetness without the calories.

Why Are Sweet Fragrance Candles So Popular?

The very best sweet scented candles give off mouth-watering aromas that resemble your favourite, sweetest treats. Imagine a warm chocolate fudge cake, a scrumptious cherry Bakewell tart, a fresh pot of honey, a lovely bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers, or anything at all that’s sweet and irresistible. Now, imagine having those scents flowing through your interiors for all to enjoy.

Used in aromatherapy diffuser, sweet-smelling candles don’t just add ambience and a feel-good factor; they’re also thought to be beneficial for those suffering from depression and anxiety as they can help them to relax, unwind, and feel more at ease. These aromas can assist in inducing a much-needed sense of calm, which helps to alleviate stress symptoms and lower cortisol levels.

Aside from pleasure, ambience and calming effects, the sweet scented candles from Australia based brand can offer another incredible benefit: for some people, they can help with memory. Emotion and memory are linked to scent and can be activated by inhaling certain aromas - freshly baked sweet goods for example may evoke happy memories of cooking and baking, or fun childhood memories of tucking into a big bag of sweets and chocolate.

Savour Our Service That’s as Pleasant as Our Sweet Scented Candles

Easy to order with quick delivery, indulging in the sheer enjoyment and pleasure of our fresh scented candles is so temptingly close. Staying true to our brand’s soul and values, our scented candles bring the sensuous, scented beauty of Australia’s nature along with its rugged soul into your home. Because we enjoy scented candles and reed diffusers so much, we want you to love and enjoy them just as much as we do. This is why your candle shopping and candlelit experience are incredibly important to us. Over the last decade, we’ve put a huge focus on exemplary customer service. Nothing makes us happier than when our customers tell us how delighted they are with their products, and when they keep coming back for even more of our sweet scented candles.

Enjoy Shopping for Sweet Scented Candles Online

Our luxury Palm Beach Collection range of sweet fragrant candles is the perfect treat for yourself or a gift for someone you love. Each and every scent has been carefully selected and expertly blended into every hand-poured candle here at our family-run Australian brand, so you know you’ll be getting the utmost quality and enjoyment from every candle you choose. Made from clean, green, sustainably sourced, and long-lasting soy wax, our candles are the superior alternative to paraffin wax candles. It all sounds delicious, doesn’t it? So, that’s enough imagining our appetising, moreish scented candles for one day - fulfil your cravings by selecting and ordering your very own.
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Hear What Our Happy Customers Say About Our Slow-Burning Soy Candles

The scent from this diffuser is fabulous & lasts for months. Excellent value & long lasting pleasure as you walk past it!

Verified Buyer

Sea Salt Wash & Lotion has the most intoxicating scent! I am so happy with this purchase. I will be putting them in every bathroom in the house and one in the Kitchen! Thanks for a great product and a seamless purchase and delivery.

Verified Buyer

I bought this after visiting my beauty salon where they always have one burning. It smells incredible and the quality is superior! Will purchase again.

Verified Buyer

Love this gift pack! A great size, I’ve got one in the bedroom, one in the living area and one in the bathroom. They last forever. I will definitely purchase full size next!

Verified Buyer

I struggle with strong smells and get headaches easily but these candles are the perfect amount of scent to fill the room and the fragrance is lovely, My cousin recommended them to me and bought me one as a birthday gift and now I only want to use these ones!

Verified Buyer

Very quick with the postage and the package was wrapped really securely.

Verified Buyer

SO HAPPY! Received my new wash and lotion gift pack in the Posy and it smells so so good! I got the
ceramic tray to go with it and it looks so beautiful in my bathroom.

Verified Buyer

The watermelon scented diffuser and candle are my absolute favourite scents!
Friends and family who visit our house always comment about how amazing it smells; not too strong, but just right.

I will never ever purchase another scent again - I’ve found the one!

Verified Buyer

BEST CANDLES EVER!!! I cannot shop anywhere else. These candles are so good.

Verified Buyer

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