Luxury Soy Candles

Watermelon <br> 420g Standard Candle

420g Standard Candle

From $42.95

Watermelon <br> 250ml Fragrance Diffuser

250ml Fragrance Diffuser

From $42.95

Sea Salt <br> 420g Standard Candle

Sea Salt
420g Standard Candle

From $42.95

White Rose & Jasmine <br> 420g Standard Candle

White Rose & Jasmine
420g Standard Candle

From $42.95

Vintage Gardenia <br> 420g Standard Candle

Vintage Gardenia
420g Standard Candle

From $42.95

Watermelon <br> 50ml Mini Fragrance Diffuser

50ml Mini Fragrance Diffuser

From $19.95

Sea Salt <br> 250ml Fragrance Diffuser

Sea Salt
250ml Fragrance Diffuser

From $42.95

Watermelon <br> 90g Mini Candle

90g Mini Candle

From $19.95

Coconut & Lime <br> 325ml Luxury Hand Sanitiser

Coconut & Lime
325ml Luxury Hand Sanitiser

From $24.95

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Luxury Fragrance Soy Candles

We know you deserve a new candle in your life. Whether it’s to relax after a long day at work, or just to bring a great scent into your home. At Palm Beach Collection, we have a variety of different luxury soy candles in Australia, which smell amazing and are inspired by Sydney’s very own Palm Beach. From tropical, fruity fragrances to sea salt scents, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy for hours on end. Read More

What are the benefits of luxury soy candles?

Our luxury scented candles in Australia are made with soy rather than the paraffin wax used in your average candle. As soy wax is a totally natural ingredient, there are so many reasons why you should have our candles in your home.

  • They’re environmentally friendly – Unlike the petroleum used in paraffin candles, soy is a renewable source. Buying luxury soy wax candles helps the local farmers who supply the beans, allowing them to grow their operations and boosting the economy.
  • They’re vegan – No animal products are used in any of our products, meaning that our great candles, diffusers & gift packs are all 100% vegan-friendly.
  • They burn cleaner – Natural Soy candles are non-toxic, so they don’t release any unwanted toxins and other substances into the air while burning. They will create less soot and smoke around the candle, leaving your house clean and smelling fresh.
  • They have a better scent – Alongside the lower soot levels, they give off a better and stronger smell. Because soy candles burn slower, the fragrances are released into the air more effectively and gradually, creating a gentler atmosphere.
  • They burn at low temperatures – Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, meaning that should there be a spill, there is less risk of accidents and burns from the melted wax.
  • They’re easy to clean – You can wash away soy wax with warm, soapy water so it is easier to reuse your empty candle holder. Even the holders look great so you can use them for decorating things other than your new candles too.

Treat Yourself to Luxury Fragranced Soy Candles

You can never have too many candles, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Candles don’t just smell great, they’re good for your mind too. There’s a reason people use them with a nice relaxing bath. Lighting a candle and having a refreshing scent in the background can relieve you of stress and make you more relaxed and refreshed. Studies have shown that even just the light can be relaxing as it can soothe your eyes and make you feel calmer and happier. They’ve been proven to help improve your memory and increase your productivity by keeping your stress levels down and your concentration up. The right candle can really improve your day, and that’s what we’re here to do. Whether you’re looking for luxury soy candles or simple notes like linen, coconut lime candles or white rose and jasmine, we guarantee they’ll fill your room with amazing fragrance for hours and hours.

Find your perfect luxury scented candles with Palm Beach Collection today and add a touch of luxury to your home with our high-quality beautifully fragranced soy wax candles.

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Hear What Our Happy Customers Say About Our Slow-Burning Soy Candles

I recently received the clove & sandalwood reed, coconut & lime candle and watermelon hand wash. They smell amazing. Fantastic service from the company. Beautiful packaging. So happy would highly recommend this company and their beautiful products.

KRS Northern Region NSW

My Watermelon deluxe candle arrived today! Smells divine and has filled my house with a sweet and beautiful fragrance! Thanks Palm Beach

Candice, Duffeys Forrest

Thank you, Palm Beach, for your wonderful customer service. Startrack lost my candle in transit and the girls quickly had replacements sent out to me. I now have my home smelling of beautiful Coconut & Lime

Rachel, Wooloongaba, QLD

In love with your Jasmine & Cedar Fragrance! Thought you should know!

Sarah, Richmond NSW

Thanks Palm Beach for my beautiful goodies. Have just received my first ever White Rose and Jasmine candle and diffuser, and it smells delicious! It arrived very quickly too which was very impressive

Jade, Caringbah NSW

I have bought the Coconut and Lime products for some years but started to go off them until I was
given a gift of the Lilies and Leather candle. I just loved it so much I went online and bought a large
one. The fragrance just fills the house.

Tully South East QLD

SO HAPPY! Received my new wash and lotion gift pack in the Posy and it smells so so good! I got the
ceramic tray to go with it and it looks so beautiful in my bathroom”


I walked into a store in Sydney and they had your candle burning the vintage Gardenia, I instantly had to have one so I brought the huge one. And I can’t stop burning it, this is hands down the best candle I’ve ever had, a huge candle lover, with hundreds of candles.

Just wanted to email how amazing your candle really is!

Jacinta, Frankston VIC

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